Annual Conference Archives

2023 Sydney, NSW

Talkin’ Bout A Revelation

2022 Port Arthur, Tasmania

Walking the R.O.P.E. – Invitation to Intimacy with God

2021 Sydney, NSW

The Goodness of Love – the Keystone to Reality

2020 Auckland, New Zealand

Post COVID Spiritual Life

2019 Canberra, ACT

Mind over Matter – Spirit over Mind

2018 Alexandra Headland, QLD

On the Cosmic Background —“God Does Not Play Dice”

2017 Hepburn Springs, Victoria

The Challenge of Survival —now and the future, according to The Urantia Book

2016 Hobart, Tasmania

Equipped to be Teachers of the Religion of Jesus – Are You willing? Are You Ready?

2015 Sydney, NSW

Faith & Courage – The Pathway to Paradise and Beyond

2014 Auckland, New Zealand

Celebrating God’s Gifts – An Exploration of Creative Living

2013 Canberra, ACT

The Spirit of Truth – Experience the Willingness to go Wherever it Leads

2012 Mooloolaba, QLD

More Things in Heaven and Earth – Adapting to an Expanded Description of Reality

2011 Myrniong, VIC

Urantia Book: The Treasure Chest – the Purpose of Life and Goal of Existence—Heaven and Earth Revealed

2010 Hobart, TAS

Worshiping and Serving our Father – Attaining the Highest Levels of Self-realization

2009 Melbourne, VIC – Parliament of World Religions (PWR)

Make a World of Difference: Hearing each other, Healing the earth

2009 Narrabeen, NSW

Happy are the Peacemakers: Religion – the Property of the Human Race

2008 Canberra, ACT

A Moment of Opportunity

2007 Melbourne, VIC

The Book and I

2006 Sydney, NSW – Urantia Association International Conference

Rewards of Isolation – Small Teams in Deep Waters

2004 Canberra, ACT

Echoes of Eden

2003 Boronia, VIC

The Eternal Adventure

2002 Moffat Beach, QLD

Being and Doing according to the Urantia Book

2001 Narrabeen, NSW

Organising the Soul for Dynamic Service

2000 Canberra, ACT

Lures of the Fifth Epoch

1999 Kallista, VIC

Beyond 2000

1998 Gold Coast, QLD

How Jesus Taught

1983 – 1997 Regional and National Conferences

1988 Robertson International Conference

Cultural Diversity and Spiritual Unity

1983 – 2013 Conference Flashback

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