2008 Canberra – Conference Report

At our ANZURA Conference in Canberra, we tried to deepen our experience, to brighten our insight, and to awake our slumbering love to serve and to understand. We spent the weekend exploring our Father’s relationship with us, and reflecting on our own responses to this extraordinary human opportunity—to become one with the Father. The conference … read more of 2008 Canberra – Conference Report.

Too Deep for Words

What two things are Thought Adjusters famous for? The idea behind our theme, “A Moment of Opportunity”, is two sided. Not only is this brief life our moment of opportunity to engage our Thought Adjuster, it also becomes a moment of opportunity for the First Source and Center to become Father of something absolutely unique: … read more of Too Deep for Words.

A Moment of Opportunity

“What is man, that you are mindful of him?” Large parts of the Urantia Papers are designed to coordinate our knowledge about more or less familiar things. They expand our understanding in a logical way. But the Papers also contain highlights of pure revelation. For mankind of today, perhaps the most interesting (and intimate) are … read more of A Moment of Opportunity.

If He were Incarnate in our Shoes

An Invitation If He were incarnate in our shoes…An opportunity we all share is to allow our Father to work through us, to allow that which we would do to be adjusted to become that which He would do, were He incarnate, and walking in our shoes.“Surely not!” we cry from the dreamscape of the … read more of If He were Incarnate in our Shoes.