About Study Days

Promoting Regional Gatherings

When ANZURA arranges an International Study Day, the intent and hope is to provide an opportunity for readers to participate in a specially formed study group in their regional area. The value of meeting with other readers is not to be underestimated—after all, our personal growth and religious experiences are best fostered while we are relating—inter-acting—with other personalities—other people!

In this way ANZURA attempts to foster a sense of belonging and cohesion among Urantia Book readers across the vast oceans! Very importantly, such events can also encourage leadership and outreach as practical involvement in study groups can strengthen our resolve and dedication to fulfil the mandate of disseminating the Urantia revelation with a personal approach.

That’s why each year ANZURA arranges a day when a particular paper is studied on the same day by all those study groups around the region (and world) who choose to participate. Any reader who wants to take part can do so by contacting the nearest host, whose contact details are published in advance.

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