National Study Day 2022

Dear Urantia Book Readers and Friends, This is a reminder to let you know our annual National Study Day is coming up on the weekend of 18 & 19 June. This is when readers are encouraged to gather in small regional groups to study the same Paper and enjoy the company of like-minded people all … read more of National Study Day 2022.

Study Group Contacts

ANZURA maintains a contact list for study group hosts. Not all of these hosts actually run a regular study group but all of them are willing to host one for anyone who would like to meet. Some study groups include virtual participation via Zoom if you cannot meet face-to-face. Click here to view the list … read more of Study Group Contacts.

The Parable of the Sower

In Paper 151, Tarrying and Teaching by the Seaside, Jesus started to change his teaching methods by using parables to transmit the truths he wanted to convey. The Apostles all had a go at interpreting the Parable of the Sower and ended up with very different interpretations. Then, at the end of Section 3 (More … read more of The Parable of the Sower.

Editor’s Notebook

(Editor’s note: This was written by Nigel Nunn when he was editor of the Arena, September 1995) A shiver of satisfaction ripples through the Supreme when a human becomes dependable. But when a group of agondonter humans rises out of the mire of self-interest, cultural bondage and planetary delusions, and commits itself to gather dependably … read more of Editor’s Notebook.

Virtual Study Groups and Conferences

The era of virtual study groups and conferences is upon us! With the entire world in lockdown due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, unexpected opportunities have been arising in the Urantia Book reader communities. Readers are discovering how easy it is to meet with other readers from all over the world from the comfort of their … read more of Virtual Study Groups and Conferences.

Study Day 2019 – Reflections

When ANZURA arranges an International Study Day, the hope is to provide an opportunity for students of The Urantia Book to participate in a specially formed study group in their regional areas so that reads are meeting on the same day studying the same paper all over the world. The value of meeting with other … read more of Study Day 2019 – Reflections.

2019 National Study Day

This year’s National Study Day, where you can participate in a study group in your local area and read the same paper on the same day as other readers, will be held on Saturday 1 June, 2019.  We’ll be studying Paper 9: Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe. The Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint … read more of 2019 National Study Day.

National Study Day 2018

This year’s National Study Day, where you can participate in a study group in your local area and read the same paper on the same day as other readers, will be held on Saturday 19 May, 2018.  We’ll be studying Paper 36: The Life Carriers. Life does not originate spontaneously. Life is constructed according to … read more of National Study Day 2018.

New Zealand Corner – 2017

  New Zealand Corner – Autumn 2017 Ian Campbell   The summer months have been business as usual for the NZ readers. Our online and face-to-face meetings have been well attended. Neville and I are members of the UAI Study Group Committee, which has recently organised a survey of UB readers to discover their membership … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2017.

2017 Study Day Reflections

Groups met around the world over the weekend of 27th May 2017 to study Papers 98 and 99: The Melchizedek Teachings in the Occident and The Social Problems of Religion.  Following are some reflections from some who met:  Canberra Study Group by William Wentworth Four members of the Canberra study group, William Wentworth (host), Jocelyn … read more of 2017 Study Day Reflections.