Report on Conference

25 readers of the Urantia Book from around Australia gathered together in peace and goodwill on the island state of Tasmania for a weekend of spiritual refreshment: fellowshipping, teaching, listening, laughing, singing, praying, and worshiping. We gave enthusiastic considera-tion to our theme: “Worshiping and Serving our Father —Attaining the highest levels of self-realization.” We marvelled … read more of Report on Conference.

The Meaning of Worship and Service

The urge to worship appears naturally with the activation of the sixth Adjutant Mind Spirit. In humans the urge to worship and the capacity for it are innate. Although we all experience this urge as individuals, in our own way, in its most basic form, worship is the recognition and honoring of the mysterious and … read more of The Meaning of Worship and Service.

Attaining the Highest Level of Self-Realization

The highest levels of self-realization are attained by worship and service. [Paper 140:4.6, page 1572.6] The more closely man approaches God through love, the greater the reality—actuality—of that man. [Paper 117:4.14, page 1285.3] KEY QUESTIONS FOR THE CONFERENCE: Why are worship and service linked together so often in the UB? What is ‘self-realization’? – The realization or … read more of Attaining the Highest Level of Self-Realization.

Worship and Service, the Cosmic Breath

How is this world to be transformed? Through the transformation in our lives due to our sincere worship and service! We do not know the actual mechanism of space respiration; we merely observe that all space alternately contracts and expands. [Paper 11:6.1, page 123.3] What has this to do with our worship and service to our … read more of Worship and Service, the Cosmic Breath.

Worshiping our Father on Four Levels of Cosmic Reality

What is this experience that we call “worship”? What happens to us when we worship? What’s actually going on inside when we worship? At what level of reality do we worship? We are talking here about the ultimate human experience! The Urantia Book constantly emphasizes that our faith is not based on knowing about God, … read more of Worshiping our Father on Four Levels of Cosmic Reality.