…Meditation in the Superconscious with the Spirit of the Infinite, Eternal, and Universal This is a work based on the Urantia Papers that explores meditation in its ultimate form: SuperMeditation. It is based on the highest revelatory truths of the modern age. SuperMeditation links our day-to-day life with spirit influences. It is not a quick and … read more of SuperMeditation.

Reflections of 2018 Conference, QLD

The 2018 ANZURA conference was held between the 5th to the 8th October at the Alexandra Headland Conference Centre, Queensland, Australia. The venue was set among the peaceful Queensland bushland and offered a lovely background chorus of native bird calls. One of things I cherish when in the company of readers of The Urantia Book … read more of Reflections of 2018 Conference, QLD.

On the Cosmic Background

(Presented at the ANZURA Conference in Mooloolaba QLD, October 2018) Based on a presentation at the ANZURA Conference 2018, here is another attempt to build bridges between modern science and traditional religion, concentrating mostly on their differing approaches to knowledge. Science is fundamentally about more knowledge and its test for value is how well the … read more of On the Cosmic Background.

Responses to Main Message Project

Collection of Responses With the purpose of pinpointing the primary meanings of The Urantia Book and integrating a range of views, the following question was asked of the Australian and New Zealand readership: In approximately 300 words, describe the main message of The Urantia Book.  In order of last name, I compiled below the twenty … read more of Responses to Main Message Project.

Proclaiming the Religion of Jesus: an Interfaith Perspective

(Presented at the 2018 Conference at Alexandra Headland, QLD) We live in a troubled world! A cursory glance at the state of things through the eyes of our modern media would suggest that we have plenty to be concerned about. And yet, as Urantia Book students, we are comforted by the promise that our planet … read more of Proclaiming the Religion of Jesus: an Interfaith Perspective.

2018 Queensland Conference Theme

On the Cosmic Background – ‘God Does Not Play Dice’ At the time of writing, about half of the presentations for this year’s upcoming conference (that’s being held at Alexandra Headland on the Queensland’s Sunshine Coast 5-9 October) continue to develop in keeping with the stated theme, “On the Cosmic Background” and the ever-topical question … read more of 2018 Queensland Conference Theme.