Regular Study Groups

Students of The Urantia Book love to get together in the friendly atmosphere of people’s homes to study the book. Those who want to gain an enhanced appreciation and deeper understanding of The Urantia Book’s teachings have found it immensely helpful to study with others, to explore its rich content and share personal insights with other readers. An informal study group is an effective way to gain a greater comprehension of the Urantia revelation which can help students gain insights into how they can integrate the teachings into everyday life experiences. It can also forge life-long friendships.

There are regular study groups being held throughout the year that meet either face-to-face, online or both, in various areas of Australia and New Zealand. Here’s some information on some of the regular ones:

Online only, Australia wide. Hosted by Phillip Marriott who holds a weekly meeting on Wednesdays, 8:00pm EST (except for the week when the Sydney study group in Mona Vale meets.) Contact Phillip by email or call on 0408 264 256.

Sydney, Mona Vale, NSW. Hosted by Kathleen and Trevor Swadling who hold monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of the month (both in-person and online) 7:45pm Sydney time. Contact Kathleen by email or call 0417 706 692.

Canberra, ACT. Hosted by William Wentworth who holds monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of the month (both in-person and online) 7:30pm EST. Contact William by email or call 0450 035 866.

Auckland, NZ. There is a face-to-face meeting on the 1st Sunday of each month and an online Zoom meeting every 2nd Thursday at 7:00pm NZST. Contacts: Marion Steward by email or call (09) 263 5800, Ian Campbell by email or call +64 9576 3461.

These study group hosts are all readers of The Urantia Book and have given permission to refer other readers to them. They have done this to enhance mutual understanding of the teachings of the book and to establish friendships with other readers. In giving their names to you, we ask that you use them only to contact these individuals and for no other purpose. Also, we are not necessarily able to make any representations to you that the individuals to whom we refer readers are adequately informed about the book, or that they are individuals with whom you would like to associate or study. These kinds of decisions are largely personal in nature, so we leave them with you.

Please note: Study Groups are the sole responsibility of the Study Group hosts. ANZURA’s involvement is purely to coordinate and communicate news and information about them to the Urantia Book reader community.