Highlights of the Conference – Personal Impressions

UAI Conference 2006 – Sydney Australia Reward of Isolation – Small Teams in Deep Waters The rewards of isolation certainly paid off for readers “down under” who had the pleasure of hosting the recent UAI Conference in Sydney.  Readers in Australia rarely get the opportunity to fraternise with the international reader community because of our … read more of Highlights of the Conference – Personal Impressions.

Here and Now

Presented at the 2006 Urantia Association International conference in Sydney ……..the ‘Mother of all Missions’ as per the written word Having largely shunned the conference circuit in favour of my solitary field work the repeated requests that I speak about working in ‘isolation’ at the Sydney conference as supposedly one of the ‘smallest teams’ in … read more of Here and Now.

Worship in Isolation – Touching the Source

Dear friends,   Let me first express my deep gratitude to those anonymous benefactors, who have made my participation in this Conference possible. * * * The title of this talk is Worship in Isolation – Touching the Source. It is structured so that – – we’ll first touch the fact-meaning-value sequence as applied to … read more of Worship in Isolation – Touching the Source.

The Indwelling Spirit in Study Groups.

This method of studying The Urantia Book in groups, while being very effective in enhancing perceptions of the Indwelling Spirit in the realm of the super-consciousness does not pretend to be better or replace any other methods that may be in use throughout the many study groups of The Urantia Book now in existence. This … read more of The Indwelling Spirit in Study Groups..

Isolation as an Evolutionary Technique

Urantia book readers in Australia well understand that isolation is not highly regarded by the revelators.  They are at pains to point out the danger of personal isolation and the failure to socialize one’s spiritual impulses.  Their emphasis is on service, community and social interaction rather than isolation and self contemplation. Nevertheless, the creators make … read more of Isolation as an Evolutionary Technique.

Personality in Transition— the individual blossoms

The Urantia Papers describe themselves as the fifth epochal revelation of truth to this world; the aim of this short presentation is to shine the light of this fifth epochal insight upon what the Urantia Papers call “Personality” Almost 3,000 years ago a poet in Palestine whispered to his God: “What is man, that you … read more of Personality in Transition— the individual blossoms.

The Rewards of Isolation – some Musings

Readers will recall that the technique of isolation, separate development, and re-combination is extensively used in the evolutionary process. The grand universe itself is divided into the seven superuniverses, each of which is kept so isolated from the others that not even a message can be transmitted from one to another except through the Paradise … read more of The Rewards of Isolation – some Musings.