Being and Doing the Extraordinary

“Where are the limits?” –  Originally I titled the paper,   Where are the Limits—to Being and Doing the Extraordinary? My description of the subject matter became its subtitle in the program. However, I would like you to think of being and doing the extraordinary in your life. When I talk to people about The Urantia … read more of Being and Doing the Extraordinary.

Doing According to the Urantia Papers

The aim of this presentation is to explore a technique for acting in accordance with divine grace. Hopefully we will discover how, through our actions, we can have a real and personal experience of living in the loving overcare of our Father while enjoying heightened relationships with our family and friends. What activities does The … read more of Doing According to the Urantia Papers.

Decisions, Decisions – the doing of God’s Will

When we have finally reached the level where God’s will and our will are indistinguishable in all our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of the day, our Thought Adjuster becomes eternally one with us.  Unfortunately this process involves much more than simply praying for God’s will to be ours. The rub of the process is … read more of Decisions, Decisions – the doing of God’s Will.

Being and Doing

That evening while teaching in the house, for it had begun to rain, Jesus talked at great length, dying to show the twelve what they must be, not what they must do. They knew only a religion that imposed the doing of certain things as the means of attaining righteousness—salvation. But Jesus would reiterate, “In … read more of Being and Doing.