Report on Conference

With the passing of another annual conference, this time hosted by the Melbourne Study Group, I found myself reflecting on the importance of the annual conference to me, and I suspect to most of us who had the pleasure of attending.To spend a few days in the company of other Urantia Book readers is so … read more of Report on Conference.

Era Before the Urantia Book

“You’ve read the script; now do the play!” Why are there so many religions? All of them say the same thing – don’t steal, don’t kill and so on. Why does God allow horrible things to happen? Why is there evil in the world in the first place? If religions contradict themselves which one is … read more of Era Before the Urantia Book.

My Favourite places in The Urantia Book

Presentation to ANZURA Annual Conference—Melbourne 2007 My favourite places in the UB begin with the discovery of answers to three basic questions I had when I first began reading it as a 24 year old 34 years ago: Who is Jesus? Were Adam and Eve real people and was there ever a Garden of Eden? … read more of My Favourite places in The Urantia Book.

A common Metaphysical Vocabulary

For anyone seeking truth these days there is no shortage of information. In fact, there is a veritable flood of information through which the seeker must wade in order to discover what he needs. There is a multitude of books, periodicals, journals, magazines, newsletters, movies, DVD’s, websites and lectures from doctors, psychologists, philosophers, academics, journalists, … read more of A common Metaphysical Vocabulary.

How I found The Urantia Book

Presentation to ANZURA Annual Conference—Melbourne 2007 My very first contact with The Urantia Book was in 1993 when I walked into my local public library in Perth, Western Australia and,  as was my custom, went straight to the “Religion” section. There staring me in the face was this enormous hard-covered blue volume with an intriguing … read more of How I found The Urantia Book.

Evening Entertainment – Two Skits

Immanuel’s Bar & the Parable of the Womb   A Life Carrier, a Lanonandek and a Melchizedek walk into a bar. Actually, Immanuel’s Bar on Salvington is just ’round from the gate’ and into Michael’s Northern Hall.  Immanuel, as usual, is behind the bar polishing glasses. “Welcome lads!” he says as they enter.  “What’ll it … read more of Evening Entertainment – Two Skits.