Report on Sydney Conference 2001

ANZURA held its annual conference from October 5-8 on the shores of the beautiful Narrabeen Lakes just minutes from North Narrabeen beach along Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We had a good turn out and everyone departed enriched by the experience of a weekend chocabloc full of valuable and stimulating exchange. Rex Merrett began by setting the … read more of Report on Sydney Conference 2001.

Service in Everyday Life

Kathleen introduced the concept of service this morning. My job is to elaborate on this theme, and offer some of my own thoughts on the subject. One way of looking at what we are actually doing here on Urantia is that we are participating in the construction of a universe—the Grand Universe. We are part … read more of Service in Everyday Life.

No-Hassle Zone

Imagine a circle. Inside the circle is the “no-hassle zone.” If you think and do the same as everyone else here, you will be confused, but no one will hassle you. If you move out of this zone and start to think and act differently, the people inside the zone, mainly your friends and relations … read more of No-Hassle Zone.

How Does the Individual Organise the Soul for Dynamic Service

How does the individual organise the soul for dynamic service? That’s the topic of this morning’s pre-morning tea presentation. When I first started to ponder this topic about organising the soul for dynamic service I thought that perhaps we should begin by taking one step back and ask the question: why would one even want … read more of How Does the Individual Organise the Soul for Dynamic Service.

Opening Address to Sydney Conference 2001

This conference will carry forward from last year’s conference in Canberra, where we postulated that we were poised on the threshold of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. The Urantia Book has now been in publication for 46years and last year 39,071 books in seven different languages were distributed worldwide, making an approximate total of 500,000 books … read more of Opening Address to Sydney Conference 2001.