Auckland 2014 – Conference Report

The ANZURA conference, held in new Zealand 3rd to 6th October this year provided the chance for New Zealand readers finally to take their turn in hosting readers for a long weekend of communing, conferring, considering the gems in The Urantia Book from many different perspectives, creating new friendships, consolidating old ones, and celebrating just … read more of Auckland 2014 – Conference Report.

Celebrating God’s Gifts

An Exploration of Creative Living A consideration of the theme of this year’s ANZURA conference led to two key questions that I will explore in detail in this article: What are God’s Gifts? What does it mean to be creative? God’s Gift #1: The Thought Adjuster Just before our sixth birthday, perhaps sooner, perhaps later, … read more of Celebrating God’s Gifts.

The Divine Gift of Mind

Our Arena of Creative Living One of the key traits that define us as human is our creativity. When we think about creativity we are likely to conjure up images of artistic pursuits such as painting, composing music, designing clothes or buildings, or writing poetry. However, The Urantia Book uses the word in a more … read more of The Divine Gift of Mind.

Music and Spirituality

Often we think of the arts, especially the fine arts, when we think of creative living or a creative career. However, just as a point to ponder I would like to remind you of the implications and inclusiveness of one of Urantia’s philosophical counter-parts to moronitamota we learn on the mansion worlds: Only a poet … read more of Music and Spirituality.

ANZURA Conference New Zealand 2014

Celebrating God’s Gifts – An Exploration of Creative Living 3 to 6 October 2014 Long Bay, Auckland New Zealand   We invite you to join us at this year’s ANZURA conference to celebrate together all of God’s gifts to us, and to explore how, individually and together, we may live our lives on Urantia more creatively. It is … read more of ANZURA Conference New Zealand 2014.