Echoes of Eden

Adam was confronted and mightily challenged by the ‘Urantia Problem’, in short, the races though biologically fit, have never been purged of their retarded and defective strains. To this day we are a blend of mixed races the violet race has spread from Mesopotamia to Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. The language barrier, which … read more of Echoes of Eden.

Eden and the Adamic Perspective

Canberra Conference 2004 In our era we are accustomed to thinking of “life after death”, but readers of The Urantia Book are coming to understand the situation more from the Edenic perspective—that life begins, and passes through various stages. Instead of living, dying, and experiencing “life after death”, we are beginning to see life as … read more of Eden and the Adamic Perspective.

No Explanation is possible

We are familiar with the assertion made sometimes by religious believers: ‘To the unbeliever no demonstration is possible, to the believer none is necessary.” If you don’t know God, there is no explanation or proof which can convince you of his reality. Spiritual realities are not susceptible to intellectual demonstration.  Similarly, if you don’t know … read more of No Explanation is possible.

From Eden to Edentia and Beyond

Introduction to Canberra Conference As mortals, our ascension career involves being shifted a number of times into larger and more complex universe frames. These changes are part of Michael’s technique to evolve us from mortal to finaliter. An extreme example of this shifting and expansion of frame, was endured by Michael in his last few … read more of From Eden to Edentia and Beyond.

Mind – and the making of Finaliters

 With eternity and energy available, and Havona in place, the Universal Father revealed the idea of finaliters, beings that would start with nothing, earn everything, then help shape the landscape of eternity. The Eternal Son said, “Let it be!”; the Infinite Spirit said, “Watch this!” What happened next depends upon one’s point of view: the … read more of Mind – and the making of Finaliters.