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We seek to serve students of The Urantia Book throughout Australia and New Zealand in the fostering of their study of the book and the dissemination of its teachings. We aim to do this by providing a variety of services and programs such as:

Annual Conferences

An annual conference is organised each year in various locations around the two countries to provide an opportunity for study group members to participate in, and to organise a conference in their local region. Here is where students of the book may gather to exchange views, deepen their understanding of the book and develop warm friendships as they socialise over meals and during other informal discussions. Read more about:

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Study Days – Promoting Regional Gatherings

Every year ANZURA encourages study group hosts to hold a special study group day where a particular paper from The Urantia Book is studied on the same day (or over the same weekend) by all those study group hosts who volunteer to host these groups in their homes.

When ANZURA assists in coordinating this annual Study Day, the intent and hope is to provide an opportunity for readers to participate in a specially formed study group in their regional area. The value of meeting with other readers is not to be underestimated—after all, our personal growth and religious experiences are best fostered while we are relating—inter-acting—with other personalities—other people!

In this way ANZURA attempts to foster a sense of belonging and cohesion among Urantia Book readers. Very importantly, such events can also encourage leadership and outreach as practical involvement in study groups can strengthen our resolve and dedication to fulfill the mandate of disseminating the Urantia revelation with a personal approach.

Any reader who wants to take part can do so by contacting the nearest host, (contact details for Australia and New Zealand are published in advance.) It is a moving experience to study a paper in the knowledge that so many other groups, all over the world, are studying the same paper at the same time.

Study group hosts are all readers of The Urantia Book and have given permission to refer other readers to them. They have done this to enhance mutual understanding of the teachings of the book and to establish friendships with other readers. In giving their names to you, we ask that you use them only to contact these individuals and for no other purpose. Also, we are not necessarily able to make any representations to you that the individuals to whom we refer readers are adequately informed about the book, or that they are individuals with whom you would like to associate or study. These kinds of decisions are largely personal in nature, so we leave them with you.

Please note: Study Groups are the sole responsibility of the Study Group hosts. ANZURA’s involvement is purely to coordinate and communicate news and information about them to the Urantia Book reader community.

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Read More to view reflections from past Study Days.

Arena Newsletter

Published two to three times a year, the Arena keeps readers informed about events and activities in Australia and New Zealand pertaining to readers of The Urantia Book. It also publishes articles derived from the insights and observations of readers which may be of interest to fellow readers.

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Study Aids

Many students of The Urantia Book produce study aids and derivative works – creative tools that may help others understand the complexity of The Urantia Book. (Please note that the opinions expressed in these works are those of the individuals who created them. Including them into this resource library does not imply endorsement of content by ANZURA.)

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Readers Referral Service

ANZURA has a team of “worker bees” who provide services to students of The Urantia Book  through email, mail and telephone, assisting them to locate other readers and study groups in their local regions. No contact details are ever revealed without prior permission.

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Gift Book Program

ANZURA sponsors a gift book program to donate books to libraries and other relevant learning centres in Australia and New Zealand as well as assisting with the supply of books for promotions at markets and book expos.

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