Report on the South Pacific Conference Meeting of Readers of The Urantia Book October 10th-14th 1988 Theme: Cultural Diversity and Spiritual Unity I would like to give a brief outline of the events at our recent South Pacific Meeting , even though it may be hard for the words I use to convey the meaning … read more of .

The Venue

some interesting Background notes The Robertson Hotel is steeped in history, with much of it documented in history books and newspapers, but also coming to life by way of locals dropping by with fondly remembered anecdotes and warm nostalgic tales. Being one of the first properties in the area, the location of the building … read more of The Venue.

Cultural Diversity and Spiritual Unity

Introduction talk by Kathleen Swadling Presented at the South Pacific Regional Meeting – October 1988 at Robertson NSW Although Australia is hosting this meeting, it is our intention that emphasis is placed on interaction. For this reason we decided on the theme “cultural diversity and spiritual unity”. For many years now the URANTIA revelation has … read more of Cultural Diversity and Spiritual Unity.

Presentations and Photo Gallery

A PSALM OF LIFE Presented by Peter Webb at the South Pacific Regional Meeting of URANTIA Book Readers , October 1988 Tell me not, in mournful numbers Life is but an empty dream, For the soul is dead that slumbers And things are not what they seem. Read More of Presentations and Photo Gallery.

Prospects of a World Religion

This text of a talk given by Chris at the South Pacific conference in Robertson, NSW in October 1988, was first published in the autumn edition of the URANTIA Book Study Group Newsletter ‘The Ascender” of which Chris is the editor. (from: SIX-O-SIX               March/April 1989                           and re- published Autumn Arena 2016) I am unqualified … read more of Prospects of a World Religion.

Science and The Urantia Book

Summary of Scientific and Historic Material that appears to have required access to certain Knowledge Presented at the South Pacific Regional Meeting of Readers of The URANTIA Book, (from Nov/Dec Six-O-Six 1988) The URANTIA Papers were received in 1934 and published in book form in 1955. There are many items of a scientific or historic … read more of Science and The Urantia Book.