Study Day 2021 – Reflections

When ANZURA arranges a Study Day, the hope is to provide an opportunity for students of The Urantia Book to participate in a specially formed study group in their regional areas so that reads are meeting on the same day studying the same paper. The value of meeting with other readers is not to be underestimated—after all, our personal growth and religious experiences are best fostered while we are relating – inter-acting – with other personalities!

Groups met over the weekend of 19th June to study Paper 2: The Nature of God. The following articles contain some reflections from some who met.

Hunter Region Meeting Reflections

By Marianne Cameron, Jim Neal, Andrew Swadling and Rita Schaad, Newcastle

The Revelators (in this case the Divine Counselors, the third in the group of Coordinate Trinity-Origin Beings) and a small group amongst 21 billion stationary Divine Counselors, assigned to function within the Universe of Nebadon, start by apologizing. Well, maybe not apologizing, but rather attempting to explain their inability to fully disclose to us the Nature of God.

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Mining the Archives

(Editor’s Note: Mining the Archives is a collection of articles that have been published in various newsletters over the years and have been lying buried in the archives. A team of volunteers have been “mining the archives” for the gems, so now we can bring them into the light of day to share using modern-day technology. This one is from Innerface Newsletter, September 2002)

Mathematics and Science Catch up with The Urantia Book

Ken Glasziou, Qld

In the mortal state, nothing can be absolutely proved; both science and religion are predicated on assumptions. [Paper 103:7.10, page 1139.2]

In 1935 that statement could only have been made with confidence by a handful of our most learned men.

The foundation for logical thinking was laid by the Greeks way back in ancient times. Initially they were trying to formulate the guiding principles of discourse—which gradually broadened into Aristotelian logic, the latter work holding sway for almost two thousand years.

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Application of Scientific Thinking to Cosmology in The Urantia Book

Ken Glasziou was a scientist who took pains to make his reasoning comprehensible to the general reader. As one of those general readers, I was often interested in what he had to say. Recently my attention was drawn to something he wrote in an article he wrote in 2002 titled “Mathematics and Science Catch up with The Urantia Book” where he was pointing out the significance of mathematics and some of its limitations as well.

Science develops so rapidly that I don’t really know whether his comments are still relevant, but it led me to think about the application of scientific thinking to cosmology as The Urantia Book explains it.

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Recent Developments in the Astrophysics Sector

Interesting development: for 40 years cosmologists have been arguing about the best way to simulate (1) the clustering of galaxies and (2) the flat rotation curves of spiral galaxies. Invisible (dark) matter works well for explaining the clustering, but modified Newtonian gravity works better for spiral galaxies.

Around 2015, researchers began to take seriously the idea that there might be at least two distinct types of invisible mass: one kind that forms halos around galaxies, and another that forms a superfluid disk of axion-like particles within galaxies. This is very nearly the exact same picture presented in the Urantia Book: halos of segregata, within which whirlpools of ultimata form.

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The Challenges of Diversity

A Never-Ending Adventure

[This article is based on a presentation made as part of Urantia Association’s Urantiathon, held on 30 January, 2021]

Diversity is one of the dominant aspects of the universe as described in The Urantia Book. It pervades all of the grand universe, including spiritual and ascending beings and the physical environments.  Diversity presents challenges to us all as we go about our daily lives, but because of its never-ending and constantly expanding presence, it is very important to learn how to deal with it here on Urantia in preparation for our future universe career.

The article will first outline the scope and range of diversity in the Universe, and portray just how individual and varied almost everything is. It will focus first on what can be called outer diversity – how the appearance and form of almost everything and every living being varies in the universe, and of course on our planet. This will be followed by a brief overview of what I have called inner diversity, which is some of the main ways in which people can vary, including mental, emotional, social, racial, cultural and personality.   The next section will discuss how diversity is part of God’s plan for the universe, and is never-ending, followed by a brief outline of how this diversity presents challenges to us in the world today.  Finally, there will be a discussion of what Jesus had to say about this aspect of life, and how his advice might be applied, in very broad terms. to the situations we might find ourselves in in our everyday lives.

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The Shroud of Turin and The Urantia Book

Does the Revelation uncover the truth?

Details of the death of Jesus, the discovery of the empty tomb, and many subsequent events, are woven through various Urantia Papers.

The research in this paper is based on the burial cloths. A fuller picture is constructed from cross-referencing known data, and revelatory data from The Urantia Book. Will the information provided in the Urantia Papers uncover additional truth of the Shroud of Turin? Or the face cloth known as the Sudarium of Oviedo? Is new evidence for each of these now revealed in the Urantia Papers?

Firstly, evaluation is made of sequential quotations in the Papers regarding the events leading up to the crucifixion and details of the burial in the tomb.

Secondly, the time from the tomb to the first historical records for the Shroud and the Sudarium is explored within the context of information provided in The Urantia Book, and coordinated with records in historical documents.

On site calculation of distances, and the location of the tomb as described in the book, were applied in this work. Some additional historical information was researched from all of the libraries in Jerusalem.

The revelation does not exclude the possibility that the Shroud is authentic.

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First published in July 2015. Revised version published in July 2021

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True Success

(This is an introduction to another well-researched study project undertaken by Neil Francey. Click on the links to see the complete work.)

The Harmonious Balance of Our Physical, Mental and Spiritual Energies

The Papers in The Urantia Book teach personal growth as the proportional expansion of the whole self. This creates the balance necessary to make progress towards self-mastery in all aspects of our living and being. That is, the harmonious balance of our physical, mental, and spiritual energies.

Books and courses which offer self-development are usually limited in their scope, omitting the appeal to, and nourishment for, our spiritual natures. This course corrects that deficiency as it incorporates the spiritual dimensions as portrayed in the revelation.

True Success collates text in a study format by topic. This allows readers to gain an appreciation of some of the key concepts in the revelation. Preference is given to quotations that are relative to our everyday activities.

True Success completes the Trilogy of Topical Studies, the other two works
being Mota-vation and Universal Ethics.

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 read True Success – the summary

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President’s Report – Summer 2020

Dear Friends and Readers of The Urantia Book,

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge and recognise the original and traditional custodians of this planet, The United Midwayers.

This is my first Arena report as President of ANZURA. Our AGM was held virtually via Zoom on 21 November 2020 and elections were held for the positions of President and Secretary. Graeme Chapman was elected for a second term as Secretary, and I was elected as President. Thank you to our members for your confidence, and thank you to my predecessor, Julian McGarry who served us well as our former President. Julian continues to serve the revelation in many different ways.

As we know, ANZURA’s annual conference for 2020 was planned to be held in New Zealand. However, it was held virtually via Zoom because of the Covid-19 restrictions. Thank you to the New Zealand team who ably adapted to the situation and stepped up to organise an engaging six-hour virtual conference. (You will find several articles of presentations given at that conference in this issue of the Arena.)

This year’s conference is being planned to go ahead as a face-to-face event (Covid willing of course). A venue has been booked in Pymble, Sydney for 1—4 October 2021. See the article in this issue for more information.

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2021 Annual Conference in Sydney

The Goodness of Love – a Keystone to Reality

We invite you to join us at the 2021 ANZURA Annual Conference that will be held 1 – 4 October at the Peter Canisius House in Pymble, Sydney.

Registration is Now Open!

Registration Brochure & Information

Click Here for just the Registration Form. Simply print and fill out the form and send it back to us with your payment. (See our address and contact details below.)

About the Theme

Truth is coherent, beauty attractive, goodness stabilizing. And when these values of that which is real are co-ordinated in personality experience, the result is a high order of love conditioned by wisdom and qualified by loyalty. [Paper 2:7.12, page 43.5]

When we embark on the quest for the highest value and eliminate the selfish qualities of love, we have the potential to contribute to the creation of finite reality in our own incredibly unique ways. When we become more real—more balanced in our personalities—we come close to understanding that the keystone to reality is the highest value of all—the Goodness of Love.

…man’s nearest and dearest approach to God is by and through love, for God is love. [Paper 3:4.7, page 50.5]


Peter Canisius House is a retreat centre conveniently located on a gorgeous five-acre site on Sydney’s North Shore. The site is steeped in history and was established by the Jesuits. Their vision is to “Provide outstanding hospitality to our guests to share and experience a spirit of quiet and a sacred place to engage in spiritual conversations.”


All meals are provided from Friday dinner to Monday lunch along with morning and afternoon teas. The meals are prepared daily by in-house chefs. Morning and afternoon tea are freshly baked. Special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, coeliac- and lactose-free meal options are available upon request. (Please indicate on the registration form.) Other food allergies and requirements may be able to be catered for.


Full Conference: $450 – includes 3 nights of twin-share accommodation and all meals from Friday dinner to Monday lunch.
Daily Rate: $100 – includes lunch and dinner.
Daily Rate: $50 – includes lunch only.


Peter Canisius House is located at 102 Mona Vale Road, Pymble NSW

By Car: The conference centre can be accessed via Mona Vale Road. If heading south towards St Ives it is just past the traffic lights at the intersection of Telegraph Road which is the nearest cross street.

By Public TransportIf travelling by train or bus from Central Station, catch a train on the North Shore Line to Gordon, which is the nearest train station with good bus links to the venue. Most buses go straight past the venue.

Via Taxi or Uber: From the Airport, a taxi may cost in excess of $100. There are taxis available from Gordon Station if you catch the train. The taxi from Gordon to the venue will take 5-10 minutes and should cost about $20.

Enquiries and Registrations

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For further information please contact ANZURA:
Phone: 0431 285 943
Mailing Address: PO Box 1581, Warriewood NSW 2102

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