Selected Essays

Disclaimer: Many students of The Urantia Book produce study aids and derivative works – creative tools that may help others understand the complexity of The Urantia Book. Please note that the opinions expressed in these works are solely those of the individuals who created them and do not necessarily imply endorsement of content by ANZURA. We consider much of the material in these works to include useful information and they are provided as a convenience to readers.

4-Part Video Introduction to The Urantia Book

A series of short videos that give a skillful and engaging overview of The Urantia Book that can be shared with Urantia Book readers and non-Urantia Book reader
truth seekers alike.

Exploding Dark Islands  

by Nigel Nunn, Canberra

Exploding Dark Islands-Nigel

Many students of The Urantia Book start off quite impressed by its fabulous, “sci-fi” cosmology. But as naïve assumptions and misunderstandings about science get undermined, their interest in this “scientific content” can cool off. One student, who’d championed “Urantia Book science” for 20 years, recently hit this credibility wall. In a Urantia Book discussion forum, he asked (what he thought was) a rhetorical question:

“So, can YOU think of a novel scientific proposal of The Urantia Book that does not have a human origin? Can you think of something, anything, unique to the book that we might await science to discover independently?”

I could think of a few, but as a student of astrophysics, I’d become intrigued by one in particular. So I replied: “Here’s one: that black holes can explode.”

The Lanonandek Dilemma

by Nigel Nunn, Canberra

The Lanonandeks of Nebadon are part of Michael’s innovative solution to a common local universe problem: how best to manage those first crucial steps his ascendant mortal children must take as they launch towards their finaliter destiny?


Making Truth accessible

by Nigel Nunn, Canberra

What is it that makes something feel true?  In our “mind arena of choice”, when we choose to believe that something is true, what’s really going on?

Let’s discount the gullible (who fall for whatever they’re told) and think instead about the best of our scientists and philosophers, the most inspiring of our poets and religionists.  In their private inner world, where they can safely admit that their perception of reality is limited and subjective, what makes it possible for them to commit to a conclusion that something is “real”?  And the other side of that coin:  how is it possible for equally sincere and sophisticated souls to reach such distinctly different conclusions about what the real thing is?

Quivering on the Brink – The inner World of Mankind

by Nigel Nunn, Canberra

Urantia is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment.
[Paper 195:9.2, page 2082.7]

According to The Urantia Book, the cultural epochs of our world have been sponsored and fostered in all sorts of ways. That none of these epochs have unfolded as planned just confirms that free will and human choice have been given free rein in this backward corner of creation.  And now we find ourselves quivering on the brink of one of our world’s “most amazing and enthralling epochs”. Given the geopolitical landscape, the rise and self-assertion of so many self-interested factions, and the imposition of disruptive technologies, it’s safe to say many familiar systems and assumptions will soon be forced to evolve. Which makes one wonder: is it possible for humans to steer such evolution? Can wise leadership help humanity navigate the upcoming “interesting times”? Can sincerity and good intentions help civilization to advance?

The Elements of Reality & Positional Values

by Trevor S, Sydney

First there was the thought, the Universal Father. Then the word, the Eternal Son. And then the act, the Infinite Spirit. And they function as one mighty author, creator and sustainer of reality; the Paradise Trinity. From these circles of the oneness of infinity and eternity, on out to the finite edges of the evolving universes of time and space all true “values”, “meanings” and “things” can be traced back to the great and mighty unified creative God of all creation.

Evolutionary Time LineEvolutionary Time Line Snip

by Dr. Robert Coenraads, Sydney

The timeline of our planet’s history is indeed a long one.
Four thousand six hundred million (4,600,000,000) years from its birth as a fiery ball coalescing from a wildly spinning solar disk
during a time aptly known as the
Hadean Aeon to the present day is an impossibly long time
for anyone to imagine.

Fatherhoodfatherhood capture

by Vern Verass, Canberra

Concepts covering fatherhood as it is experienced by mortals are presented as a series of slides comprising quotes from The Urantia Book in association with a selection of images in support of the related topic, home, family, marriage, fatherly attributes etc.

Entities, Beings and Personalities of The Urantia Book

Descriptions, functions and characteristics of revealed beings. Produced by members of the
Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association.
Index to Entities, Beings and Personalities of The Urantia Book

Personality in The Urantia Book

Essays by George Park, Nigel Nunn and others

The Urantia Book reveals a spiritual concept of personality which is new to mankind.
We are aware of personality, but man has never conceived of personality as a reality in and of itself. We see the differences between form, substance, and essence, but man has failed to recognize the independent reality of personal presence.
Our idea of personality is but a candle in the night; some truth maybe discovered by the light of a candle, but the sun reveals a whole world of truth in the awakening of a new day.


by Neil Francey, Queensland

…Meditation in the Superconscious with the Spirit of the Infinite, Eternal, and Universal

This is a work based on the Urantia Papers that explores meditation in its ultimate form: SuperMeditation. It is based on the highest revelatory truths of the modern age.

SuperMeditation links our day-to-day life with spirit influences. It is not a quick and easy method. It works in a natural way over time and seeks to balance all attributes, powers and components of our being. There is no set method or sequence for the study of these modules. They need to be studied and applied in practical life circumstances.

SuperMeditation is the connection of material reality and our spiritual nature through the thinking mechanism we call mind. By attempting this liaison we develop our ability to face the demands of living more effectively.

We can also come to know the realm of our superconsciousness where we engage in profound thinking and personal communion with our Creator. The result is the development of our spiritual awareness, capacity, and receptivity.

This approach to meditation seeks the highest ideals, divine goals, and worthy insights. It is free from the constraints of authoritative religions, mysticism, rituals, and habitual formulas.

It is multifaceted: thoughtful problem solving, making contact with our indwelling spirit, engaging in worship, becoming service orientated; all separate yearnings and yet they all interrelate. So much for the old style of passively doing nothing but chanting a mantra, focusing on an object, or futilely trying to empty the mind.

The supreme desire for truth, coupled with the highest values, ensures this practice of searching for God within us is the most natural, safest, and worthwhile endeavor.

Is it effective? Does it work? Is it the way to a better life? Discover for yourself. Live it. It is an exciting adventure that lasts a lifetime. It is your unique and personal journey.

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