Report on Kallista Conference

Conference 1999 – Booth Lodge, Kallista, VIC Think globally act locally—how goes the birth of Urantia’s fifth age? Are we helping or hindering? Held at Booth Lodge, conveniently located at Kallista in the Dandenong Ranges, less than an hour’s drive East of the Melbourne CBD. The forest surrounds and the mountain views made it difficult … read more of Report on Kallista Conference.

Urantia Book Youth

Hi there everyone. As you are all most likely aware, my name is Merindi Swadling. I would like to share some of my recent experiences with you today. First of all, some background info: – I am 25 years old – My parents – Kathleen and Trevor – have been reading The URANTIA Book for … read more of Urantia Book Youth.

The Kingdom of Heaven is still within you

  Beyond 2000 Previous presentations have emphasised the opportunities of a fresh start which the new millennium symbolises. But continuity with the old is just as significant. The Kingdom of Heaven is still within us; nothing has changed. The adjuster, the spirit of truth, the adjutant mind spirits, the holy spirit and so on are … read more of The Kingdom of Heaven is still within you.