Reporting on Canberra 2000

Last reminder in September Arena ANZURA Conference 2000 Canberra, October 6 – –9 October has almost arrived! Conference 2000 will soon be just another memory of those fabulous pioneering days spent on Urantia-606. For those unregistered, there is still time to join us for what we hope will be fresh insights and deeper understandings. All … read more of Reporting on Canberra 2000.

Surfing the Absonite

To finite creatures of the grand universe the concept of the master universe seems to be well-nigh infinite, but doubtless the absonite architects thereof perceive its relatedness to future and unimagined developments within the unending I AM. Even space itself is but an ultimate condition, a condition of qualification within the relative absoluteness of the … read more of Surfing the Absonite.

Personality-The Pearl of Great Price – Passport to Paradise

The aim of this presentation is to take a look at personality. In this attempt I propose to ask a series of relevant questions and encourage you to personally participate. Let me begin by focusing on the heading line. The Pearl of Great Price. Passport to Paradise. It is not possible for us in our … read more of Personality-The Pearl of Great Price – Passport to Paradise.

Introducing the Theme

If any celestial passers-by were to look in upon us this morning, what would they see? As individuals, we are an unspectacular lot. As a group, we have no real claim to fame. In fact, we are remarkably average, and surprisingly normal. So what might catch the interest of those who may be watching? Those … read more of Introducing the Theme.

Lures of the Fifth Epoch

Disclaimer: We don’t really know what we are talking about. We know that the 5th Epoch is our own idea. We are in the position of small children trying to form ideas about the big wide world. But bear with us. The URANTIA Book points out that everything the finite mind can think about is … read more of Lures of the Fifth Epoch.