Post Covid 19 Spirituality

(Presented at the October 2020 online ANZURA conference) Norman: COVID 19 has put the entire world through a period of great challenge. One of the reasons a virus like this is such a challenge is because it affects peoples’ lives in a very mortal sense. The threat of dying suddenly raises deep anxiety in people. … read more of Post Covid 19 Spirituality.

As the Spirit Moves You

In this presentation I speak briefly about my background with The Urantia Book, my favourite parts of the book, and how it has changed by life. This document outlines a general summary of the main points of my presentation. How I Initially Came Across The Urantia Book From a very young age (roughly eight to … read more of As the Spirit Moves You.

We Are What We Teach

My message is simply that the best approach we can take to assisting the infusion of the Urantia revelation into the world is to incorporate the teachings of the book into our daily lives. The expansion of our frame of reference resulting from the information the book contains is almost overwhelming at first. Think about … read more of We Are What We Teach.

New Zealand Corner – 2010

From 2010 Autumn and Winter – New Zealand Corner   Editors note: Apologies to Neville that we were unable to fit all of his fine article into the previous issue of Arena, it now appears in full below: Read More of New Zealand Corner – 2010.

Here and Now

Presented at the 2006 Urantia Association International conference in Sydney ……..the ‘Mother of all Missions’ as per the written word Having largely shunned the conference circuit in favour of my solitary field work the repeated requests that I speak about working in ‘isolation’ at the Sydney conference as supposedly one of the ‘smallest teams’ in … read more of Here and Now.