a Timeline for Urantia

How did it all start? How did our corner of the universe become the home of our Earth – Urantia. What needed to unfold for Urantia to become an inhabitable and live sustaining world. are we all alone – or if not – who is looking out for us??? Questions not only young people ask … read more of a Timeline for Urantia.

The Religion of Personal Spiritual Experience

The Urantia Book teaches the universal, Religion of Personal Spiritual Experience. An authentic, enlightened religion easily and readily accessible by every single human being on our planet who is willing, notwithstanding any and all other previous allegiances and affiliations. This is a planetary religion of God conscious human beings now living in the 21st century … read more of The Religion of Personal Spiritual Experience.

Operation Contact

ANZURA’s Strategic Planning Committee met in Sydney in April 2011 to discuss dissemination plans of the 300 Urantia Books purchased from the UAI that were printed in India. At that meeting it was decided to distribute these books in a couple of different ways, one of which is the creation of a new program called … read more of Operation Contact.