From ‘..ites’ to Rites

In these papers 78 through 96 of The Urantia Book, spanning some thirty-seven thousand years of Urantia history, we see migration propelling late-stage human biological evolution, and we see the ensuing interplay with formative civilization and religion which can be called social evolution. We see fragments of society and their corresponding fragments of religion sorting … read more of From ‘..ites’ to Rites.

The Age of Light and Life – and how to get there

The term “light and life” refers to the final stages of planetary evolution when the kingdom of God becomes actual in an advanced world civilization. This talk describes our glorious planetary destiny and two paths to it, as set forth in several quotes on light and life. The first one defines light and life as … read more of The Age of Light and Life – and how to get there.

The Challenge of Survival

Now and the Future  According to The Urantia Book Recent world events indicate we are living in challenging times, hence the theme of ANZURA’s annual conference at Hepburn Springs in Victoria from 29 Sept to 2 Oct 2017 titled The Challenge of Survival – Now and the Future according to the Urantia Book. Paper 99 … read more of The Challenge of Survival.