Canberra 2013 – Conference Report

The main highlight since the last Arena was the annual ANZURA Urantia Book Readers’ Conference, which was held in Canberra 4-7 October and was a great success.   The theme was centred on the Spirit of Truth which naturally lent to some thoughtful and inspiring exchanges. Excellent presentations were given by Julian McGarry, Esther Beaton … read more of Canberra 2013 – Conference Report.

The Spirit of Truth is a Moving River

Presented at Canberra Conference 2013 Esther Beaton presented and shared ‘life changing’ experiences alongside some of her own photos of nature. Here a few excerpts: What is the Spirit of Truth? What re the implications of it? How to apply it in everyday life? The Urantia Book describes: “This spirit was bestowed for the purpose … read more of The Spirit of Truth is a Moving River.

Study Groups – Why are they so Important?

As the years go by, and after having been attending study groups on a consistent basis for around 33 years now, I’ve come to understand the wisdom of the advice given by the Revelators to the early leaders of the Urantia movement back in 1955 where they advised them to form “thousands of study groups”.  … read more of Study Groups – Why are they so Important?.

Truth and Sonship

We are in that wonderful time of transition, from confusion to clarity, from error to truth. We are but the first generation of hundreds to come that have been privileged to get a glimpse of eternal truth as presented in The Urantia Book. The truth will set everyone free, however such liberty of enhanced awareness … read more of Truth and Sonship.

Making Truth Accessible

What is it that makes something feel true?  In our “mind arena of choice”, when we choose to believe that something is true, what’s really going on? Let’s discount the gullible (who fall for whatever they’re told) and think instead about the best of our scientists and philosophers, the most inspiring of our poets and … read more of Making Truth Accessible.