2024 Annual Conference in Melbourne

4 –7 October 2024

The year is slipping by so not long now for this year’s ANZURA Annual Conference which is being held 4 –7 October at the Edmund Rice Centre in Lower Plenty, Melbourne. Registrations are now open so if you are planning on coming please let us know soon. See further on for registration details.


Urantia Stock-Take – Past, Present and Future. How are we travelling? “Are we there yet”? If not, what do we need to do?

“Are we there yet”? Well, we’re working on it aren’t we? “How are we travelling?” and “What do we need to do to get there”? These are the big question we will attempt to tease out at this year’s conference. The information revealed in The Urantia Book is a treasure-trove of spiritual insight, cosmic revelation, and historical knowledge. The answers to these questions are all in there just waiting to be discovered. The importance and seriousness of this storehouse of priceless gems is almost beyond description. The unveiling of the true teachings of Jesus and who he actually was, and where he came from, gives power to those compelling teachings on Faith, Worship, Service, and Love. We need to be passionate about the entire Urantia revelation—from the Paradise Trinity down to the material worlds—to understand the significance of the big picture we are given of the past, present, and future of ourselves and the cosmos.

The world’s problem is the individual problem. Reality is made up of an accumulation of our decisions—the consequences of which fan out to the broader community. Each one of us can make a big difference when we embrace a true and living faith and when we are wholeheartedly dedicated to the doing of the Father’s will. This national gathering will give us the opportunity to enjoy the process of idealising our future. We can each bring our own understandings, interpretations, and experiences to the table and get those ideas out to the ‘movers and shakers’ of the Cosmos. Because we are all unique, we will naturally find different ways of sharing the teachings—let’s not forget what we are told about the apostles:

They made no effort to teach alike; there was no standardized or dogmatic formulation of theologic doctrines. Though they all taught the same truth, each apostle presented his own personal interpretation of the Master’s teaching. 148:1:2 (1657)

We hope you will join us in discussing this life and its challenges. We will refer to the material found in The Urantia Book and consider the hurdles and disruptions we face in achieving harmonious progress. We will discuss the role this information can play in helping us to grow spiritually and to become positive and valuable citizens. When we “dare to be Godlike” (160:1.12)—the fruits of the spirit make us spiritually fragrant providing the power to spread the “benign virus of love”.

If each mortal could only become a focus of dynamic affection, this benign virus of love would soon pervade the sentimental emotion-stream of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love, and that would be the realization of the brotherhood of man. 100:4.6 (1098.3) emphasis added

“Freely have you received; therefore freely should you give of the truth of heaven, and in the giving will this truth multiply and show forth the increasing light of saving grace, even as you minister it.” 176:3.10 (1918.3)


The Edmund Rice Centre ‘Amberley’ is on 20 acres of natural bushland and is Retreat and Conference venue situated on a bend of Melbourne’s Yarra River in Lower Plenty overlooking Westerfolds Park to the Dandenong Ranges. The grounds offer walking tracks, tranquil gardens, and a Chartres’s replica labyrinth. Amberley has become a place of reflection and spirituality for all who enter its doors. Guests to Amberley comment on the calm and serene atmosphere of this place so close to the bustle of Melbourne.

Amberley is approximately 20 kilometres from the heart of Melbourne and 40 minutes from Melbourne’s International Airport and has easy access to both the Western Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway.


Full Conference: $520.00 includes 3 nights of twin-share accommodation and all meals from Friday dinner to Monday breakfast.
Daily Rate: $100 – includes lunch and dinner.
Daily Rate: $50 – includes lunch only.


All meals are provided from Friday dinner to Monday breakfast along with morning teas. Amberley provides home-style meals in the art deco styled dining room or the balcony overlooking the Yarra River. The catering team freshly prepares all of their meals on-site and offer a wonderful variety of food from breakfast right through to dessert. Special dietary requirements can be met with prior notice.


The Edmund Rice Centre is located at 7 Amberly Way, Lower Plenty, Melbourne VIC. There is no public transport directly to the conference centre. However, if coming from the airport you can take a shuttle bus into the city then catch a train to Rosana (which is the closest train station.) From Rosana it is about 10 minutes in a taxi or Uber. If coming by car, it is best to get to get directions from your GPS or Melbourne Street directory.


Follow the registration link below for the registration brochure, print out the registration form, fill it in and return to us with your payment. (Apologies but we have no online facilities for payments. Payment options are included on the form.)


For further information please contact ANZURA:
Phone: 0431 285 943
Mailing Address: PO Box 1581, Warriewood NSW 2102