True Success

(Editor’s note: This is an introduction to another well-researched study project undertaken by Neil Francey. Click on the links at the end to see the complete work.)

The Harmonious Balance of Our Physical, Mental and Spiritual Energies

The Papers in The Urantia Book teach personal growth as the proportional expansion of the whole self. This creates the balance necessary to make progress towards self-mastery in all aspects of our living and being. That is, the harmonious balance of our physical, mental, and spiritual energies.

Books and courses which offer self-development are usually limited in their scope, and can often omit the appeal to, and nourishment for, our spiritual natures. True Success is a course that corrects that deficiency as it incorporates the spiritual dimensions as portrayed in the Urantia revelation.

True Success collates text in a study format by topic. This allows readers to gain an appreciation of some of the key concepts in the revelation. Preference is given to quotations that are relative to our everyday activities.

True Success completes the Trilogy of Topical Studies by Neil. The other two works are: Mota-vation and Universal Ethics.

Excerpts from the Summary Part 1 of True Success

A New Philosophy
We need to distinguish between the realities of the material and the spiritual worlds while realizing their unification. Cosmic insight can then be applied to the way we react emotionally to our social and economic circumstances.

Action Living
Practice of worship, union with divinity, we gather strength and wisdom. In this way, we can install a philosophy of living in the place of religious authority.

Be Perfect
It is the purpose of the long career of all mortals to ascend by personal choice and effort to find our individual self and our own journey to heaven.  

Civilization can flourish when we have time to think, to plan, to imagine new and better ways of doing things. Modern civilization needs to progress in spiritual development and the safeguarding of the home institution.

We can choose to embrace the fact of God-conscious social service. This occurs as an inner response of spiritual faith to external conditions — material decisions based on intelligent reflection. Our spiritual growth is directly linked to the power and persistency of our decisions.

The purpose of all education should be to develop a well-balanced personality. It allows us to understand and plan life, solve problems, and develop character. But it cannot divulge absolute truth. That is an exercise of faith.

Through spiritual insight, we can create a relationship with God and this presence is the greatest experience of all. All of our achievements come from teamwork, individual effort, and personality expression.

Faith triumphs over all adversity and can dominate the way we live. It releases us from the mechanisms of the material world and the limits of the intellectual world. It lives in the spiritual realm that can be known, and known now.

God is a living friend and a loving father. There is an exhilaration in having such a true and reliable friend. Our service to humanity can be done as a friend for a friend. It is not a duty. The secret of all good relationships is love.

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