Mota – Vation

For a High Degree of Universal Achievement


This sequential list of quotations from the teachings contained in The Urantia Book has been arranged into thirteen courses.

It allows study within a specific framework. In this course, that topic is motivation. The Urantia Book is the Master Motivator.

The framework for Mota-vation is based on the higher philosophy identified in the Urantia Papers as Morontia Mota. It is the basis for understanding the higher concepts of the semi spiritual state known as the morontia level of existence. It is used in discussions about universal orders of beings, mechanisms of administration, energies, even to the nature of Deity.

These courses explore such new dimensions by drawing upon the teachings that might especially motivate the mortal mind. Quotations that refer to the ascension career with its goals, aspirations, successes, encouragement, and supreme progress, have been selected.

At all times, because of the mota level of thinking that we are increasingly capable of applying, we can aspire still further to the next stage, the spiritual level.

Mota-vation Pdf.