Universal Ethics – Concepts from The Urantia Book

In this collection of short papers, the study of ethics is taken to a universal level. They apply to the highest forms of behavior relative to progress for each of us in the realms ahead. They go beyond the application of ethics at the mortal level of functioning where they are the basis of our way of life.

By selecting appropriate quotations from The Urantia Book and by directing study to a particular topic, an aspect of the mortal and spiritual natures of man can be addressed. By studying carefully chosen excerpts, related new ideas and insights can be formulated. New understandings can be generated.

Spiritual ethics, post-mortal ethics, universally effect mortal life in transforming ways for society and for the individual. The highest ethics, as truth, impact on personal and group habits and behaviors. And as such, they contribute to the mores, and potentially usher in elevated levels of civil society.

This evolutionary process of revelation is not new. It is in fact, the very way that we have progressed to our current status.

These modules can be used in a teacher facilitated group setting or used as a self-paced personal study. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the full text of The Urantia Book.

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Editor’s Note: This is another great study aid by Neil Francey, who has given us ‘SuperMeditation’ and ‘Business on Urantia’ in recent years. You can find more of his works on the website at: