August 21 – a Poem

Led by planets in conjunction
Wise men traveled from afar
Seeking light in his reflection
Bearing gifts beneath that star

August winds draped wisdom’s story
Capturing stardust drifts below
Tracing ancient myths in glory
Glistening in the noonday glow

Summer creeps past frosts and sunset
City lights obscure the view
Meteor showers cloak the morning
Hiding in the morning dew

Listen closely as I tell you
Of this wish I dreamed came true
Hosts of angels in the forest
Midway creatures sharing clues

Brightened by this revelation
Eclipsing time and timeless rue
Wise men share a new dimension
Three concentric rings of blue

2000 years of anxious waiting
We are blessed in such an age
Done with our anticipating
Waiting as we turn the page

Love each other in the morning
Care for comfort through the noon
Live each moment in the present
Share his grace beneath the moon

Now we sing in celebration
Around the globe for evermore
Remember that I Lived among you
With spirits from that distant shore

Look around you, feel the moment
Keep alive the solemn plan
The Fatherhood of just one God
The Brotherhood of every man