(Robert Venosa (1936 -2011) was an artist and also a Urantia Book reader who lived and worked in Boulder, US and in Spain. This poem was taken from his book, Noospheres 1991) An eternal Light from the infinite source An idea in motion on an infinite course Guided by love and powered by light, One … read more of Amarantos.

August 21 – a Poem

Led by planets in conjunction Wise men traveled from afar Seeking light in his reflection Bearing gifts beneath that star August winds draped wisdom’s story Capturing stardust drifts below Tracing ancient myths in glory Glistening in the noonday glow Summer creeps past frosts and sunset City lights obscure the view Meteor showers cloak the morning … read more of August 21 – a Poem.

River of Life

A Poem See the young man gird himself For the mountains he must climb Yes and see the young ones prepare themselves For their winding roads of time The river of life it is wide Oh the river is long and deep Flowing never stopping Or slowing for anyone Like the cycles of nature Returning … read more of River of Life.

Shaking Hands – a Poem

(Editor’s note: this poem was originally published in Sorry for your Troubles [Canterbury Press, 2013. Copyright © 2013 by Pádraig Ó Tuama.] Reprinted with the permission of the poet.) Because what’s the alternative? Because of courage. Because of loved ones lost. Because no more. Because it’s a small thing; shaking hands; it happens every day. … read more of Shaking Hands – a Poem.

Poem by Leith

(Written during the Warburton conference VIC, 1990) I’m composed and full of feeling I’m en-wrapped in silent healing The air flows cool in the Father’s mountains There isn’t much to say How we spend each pleasant day, But know, deep down within, That God’s Spark is close to Him Our walks of life take different … read more of Poem by Leith.