New Zealand Corner – Autumn 2019

Into 2019 and it’s been a year that we could easily call “stormy” so far. The world seems to be tossing and turning more violently than ever before, and down in Aotearoa it seems as though the war has been power-punched into our own breadbasket with the recent tragedy in Christchurch.

But I’ve been reminded how lucky I am not to be alone as a Urantia Book reader anymore. It can be hard when we speak a very specific language, but we have no one we feel understands it. I reached out recently to a local reader and friend when I was having my own mini crisis, my own gnashing of teeth and she responded. We spoke later at our regular Kiwi Zoom meeting, but the weight had already been lifted somewhat by her willingness just to have a chat.

It feels like we Kiwi’s who have found the Fifth Epocal Revelation are still few and far between and I guess our situation reflects a microcosm of our readership’s slow growth on an international scale. But I’ve found that one willing listener with a common spiritual toolset, with common word symbols at the ready, is enough.

We continue with our regular Zoom calls and the Auckland readership still gathers face-to-face providing a solid nucleus for what I believe is an excellent foundation from which new readers can reach out and develop genuine relationships. That’s what it’s all about after all. We also hope to meet for another regional gathering in Taupo this year. In addition, plans for the 2020 ANZURA conference in Auckland is well underway.

I’m in a better place because I have connected with local readers this way. And I would recommend that if you haven’t reached out to truth seekers in your local area yet, make sure you do. It’s worth it.