New Zealand Corner – Summer 2019

2020 ANZURA Conference I am happy to relate that things are going well in New Zealand and preparations/organisation is well underway for the ANZURA conference in Auckland next year (2020). We are using the same venue as our last New Zealand ANZURA conference, Vaughan Park, which is in the northern beach suburbs of Auckland.  ( … read more of New Zealand Corner – Summer 2019.

New Zealand Corner – Winter 2019

The Christchurch Terror Attacks Living in New Zealand, we didn’t really think we’d be touched by terrorism, but touched we were. The despicable act of a lone extreme right-wing terrorist who took the lives of 51 Islamic New Zealanders had repercussions right around the country. As an aside, this is a link to an interview … read more of New Zealand Corner – Winter 2019.

New Zealand Corner – Autumn 2019

Into 2019 and it’s been a year that we could easily call “stormy” so far. The world seems to be tossing and turning more violently than ever before, and down in Aotearoa it seems as though the war has been power-punched into our own breadbasket with the recent tragedy in Christchurch. But I’ve been reminded … read more of New Zealand Corner – Autumn 2019.

New Zealand Corner – 2018

NZ Corner – Autumn 2018 Matt Hall   It’s been another year of slow but steady connection in the New Zealand Urantia Book reader community. The Auckland study group continues to meet regularly, and readers from around the country now have the opportunity to study together fortnightly via Zoom. It was great to get together … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2018.

New Zealand Corner – 2017

  New Zealand Corner – Autumn 2017 Ian Campbell   The summer months have been business as usual for the NZ readers. Our online and face-to-face meetings have been well attended. Neville and I are members of the UAI Study Group Committee, which has recently organised a survey of UB readers to discover their membership … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2017.

New Zealand Corner – 2016

  New Zealand Corner – Autumn 2016   Since the last issue of NZ Corner the Urantia-NZ Facebook page has been kept ticking along nicely by Matthew Hall and others, and the Auckland study group has had two monthly meetings after our traditional December break. In January the group adopted the following format for our … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2016.

New Zealand Corner – 2015

  New Zealand Corner – Autumn 15   As I write this, the leading edge of Cyclone Pam is just starting to make its presence felt over Auckland.   The sky is clouding over, the rain is beginning, and the rain radar predicts extremely heavy rain from about 1am.  This cyclone has been described as the … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2015.

New Zealand Corner – 2014

New Zealand Corner – Autumn 14   Keen readers of The Arena may recall that one year ago New Zealanders were pre-paring to fill out their Census forms, and I expressed some interest in the results regarding the religious question. These results were finally released last Decem-ber, and, as many predicted, the percentage selecting No … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2014.

New Zealand Corner – 2013

2013 Autumn –   New Zealand Corner   Tuesday 5th March is Census Day here in New Zealand. Usually we have one every 5 years, but 2 years ago, just before the scheduled date, the major earth-quake in Christchurch threw the whole country into disarray, and it was clearly impossible to count people who were missing … read more of New Zealand Corner – 2013.