New Zealand Corner – 2018

NZ Corner – Autumn 2018

Matt Hall


It’s been another year of slow but steady connection in the New Zealand Urantia Book reader community. The Auckland study group continues to meet regularly, and readers from around the country now have the opportunity to study together fortnightly via Zoom. It was great to get together last year in the flesh in Wellington for fellowship and study and to discuss ways in which we can continue gently to prompt growth in our country.

Facebook has been another avenue (within the Urantia NZ group) for discussion, with several readers beginning the six-page a day journey in an attempt to read the revelation over the course of a year. Revisiting the book as a whole has been great for sparking insights into passages that may have seemed a little murky at first; it’s such a complex yet enlightening book.

Ultimately, I feel the core of the Urantia Book community in New Zealand has strengthened its bond and we look to continue forging this bond in the future, while remaining ready to welcome new readers to our group.


NZ Corner – Winter 2018

Matt Hall


Things keep ticking along as usual over the ditch.
Our online zoom study group has continued on Tuesday nights, with some interesting and rather deep subjects such as the Supreme, the true meaning of Omnipotence, and providence being discussed. Much thanks must go to Ian Chapman for consistently providing the platform for these studies.
The potential for another annual get together is also on the cards, with location to encourage attendance being the key issue. The ANZURA conference in early October also has people excited, with several kiwis looking to make the trip.

I personally continue to engage regularly with The Urantia Book  – community on Facebook, and was incredibly grateful to be able to meet and stay with a couple of Urantia Book readers in the States during our holiday there, with whom I had developed close friendships. I also managed to attend a study group in Portland, Oregon, and this was yet another opportunity to meet with fellow UB readers, some of which had been reading for many years and with close ties to the movement and its history.
Hopefully our international bonds will continue to be forged, and we can each do our best in furthering the Fathers kingdom here on Urantia.

Cheers, Matt