…Meditation in the Superconscious with the Spirit of the Infinite, Eternal, and Universal

This is a work based on the Urantia Papers that explores meditation in its ultimate form: SuperMeditation. It is based on the highest revelatory truths of the modern age.

SuperMeditation links our day-to-day life with spirit influences. It is not a quick and easy method. It works in a natural way over time and seeks to balance all attributes, powers and components of our being. There is no set method or sequence for the study of these modules. They need to be studied and applied in practical life circumstances.

SuperMeditation is the connection of material reality and our spiritual nature through the thinking mechanism we call mind. By attempting this liaison we develop our ability to face the demands of living more effectively.

We can also come to know the realm of our superconsciousness where we engage in profound thinking and personal communion with our Creator. The result is the development of our spiritual awareness, capacity, and receptivity.

This approach to meditation seeks the highest ideals, divine goals, and worthy insights. It is free from the constraints of authoritative religions, mysticism, rituals, and habitual formulas.

It is multifaceted: thoughtful problem solving, making contact with our indwelling spirit, engaging in worship, becoming service orientated; all separate yearnings and yet they all interrelate. So much for the old style of passively doing nothing but chanting a mantra, focusing on an object, or futilely trying to empty the mind.

The supreme desire for truth, coupled with the highest values, ensures this practice of searching for God within us is the most natural, safest, and worthwhile endeavor.

Is it effective? Does it work? Is it the way to a better life? Discover for yourself. Live it. It is an exciting adventure that lasts a lifetime. It is your unique and personal journey.

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