ANZURA Conference New Zealand 2014

Celebrating God’s Gifts – An Exploration of Creative Living

3 to 6 October 2014

Long Bay, Auckland

New Zealand


ANZURA_NZ Conf broch covWe invite you to join us at this year’s ANZURA conference to celebrate together all of God’s gifts to us, and to explore how, individually and together, we may live our lives on Urantia more creatively.

It is hoped that this ANZURA conference will provide opportunities to:

  •   Rejoice in the spiritual riches bestowed upon us
  •   Share our unique attributes in an outpouring of    creativity
  •   Discover talents we didn’t know we had
  •   Learn new ways of leading people to the Father

The conference programme will include a mixture of presentations, study groups, workshops and creative activities.  One part of the conference will allow participants the space to bring forward for exploration and discussion the ideas related to the theme that are dearest to their hearts.

About the conference theme:

“As the days pass by, every true believer becomes more skilful in alluring his fellows into the love of eternal truth.  Are you more resourceful in revealing goodness to humanity than you were yesterday? Are you a better righteousness recommender this year than you were last year?  Are you becoming increasingly artistic in your technique of leading hungry souls into the spiritual kingdom?” (The Urantia Book Paper 156 p. 1740)

This conference will provide an exciting opportunity for New Zealand readers to welcome our friends/brothers and sisters around the world to our fair shores to join with us in expressing our deep gratitude for the gifts that the Father has bestowed upon us, and discovering together new ways of living a creative religious life.

The Venue:

Vaughan Park Retreat and Conference Centre, Long Bay is 44 km from Auckland Airport. Long Bay is at the south end of Long Bay Beach in the East Coast Bays.  It is in a tranquil setting, consisting of a number of lodges and meeting rooms, and a beautiful chapel with stunning views of the beach and the Waitemata Harbour.

Long Bay Regional Park is a sheltered beach with a children’s playing area, which includes a miniature railway. In addition to the beach, significant parts of the park are available for quiet walks and meditative strolls.  There are also coastal walks along the cliff top.

NZ Conf Centre

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