Tribute to Ken Glasziou

Ken Glasziou, one of our great Urantia friends, recently passed away at the grand age of 90. He is survived by his wife Betty, children, and grandchildren.

A long term student of the book, Ken was known internationally for his contribution to revelatory thought. He was a scientist by profession and brought his critical thinking to the realm of religion. He was a keen churchgoer, enjoyed singing in the choir, and loved his horses. As a young man he was a valiant fighter in foreign lands for his country.

Ken leaves a treasure trove of writings on the most diverse range of subjects ever presented, with a particular interest in science and The Urantia Book. These are mostly contained in Innerface International, the journal he commenced at about 70 years of age. This legacy, which he has lovingly called Journal of the Brotherhood of Man Library, contains over five hundred of his articles.

Over the years, Ken and Betty conducted a study group in their home, and travelled widely to participate in conferences at home and abroad. Ken was also influential with his correspondence to many Urantia friends around the world.

By leading us into new areas of thought and presenting new challenges, Ken took us with him on his unique adventure. But above all, we fellow travellers shall remember his friendship, his smile, and the way he was thrilled by the revelation and the spiritual quest it inspired.

Ken founded the Innerface newsletter and dedicated may years to writing in-depth articles on topics arising from The Urantia Book. An extensive archive is available for ready reference at

and a sample from it on “Sincerity” is below:

The Spiritual Teachings of The Urantia Book: Synopsis,

Part 3


The sincere religionist is conscious of universe citizenship and self-worth-a self that has surrendered to an all-encompassing motivation that imposes heightened self-discipline, lessens emotional conflict, and makes mortal life truly worth living.

The morbid recognition of human limitations is changed to the natural consciousness of mortal shortcomings that is associated with moral determination and the spiritual aspiration to attain the highest universe goals. And this intense striving for the attainment of super-mortal ideals is always characterized by increasing patience, forbearance, fortitude, and tolerance.

True religion is living love, a life of service. But the religionist’s detachment from much that is purely temporal and trivial never leads to social isolation. Genuine religion   takes nothing away from human existence, but it does add new meanings to all of life.

One of the most amazing hallmarks of religious living is that dynamic and sublime peace that passes all understanding, that cosmic poise that betokens the absence of all doubt and turmoil.


Ken lived the life of a sincere righteous soul conscious of sonship with the Father, he has now gone to the place prepared for him—his Father’s mansion.

A righteous soul is more to be desired than the sovereignty of all the earth.…
[Paper 131:3.7, page 1447:4]