Mining the Archives

(Editor’s Note: Mining the Archives is a collection of articles that have been published in various newsletters over the years and have been lying buried in the archives. A team of volunteers have been “mining the archives” for the gems, so now we can bring them into the light of day to share using modern-day technology. This one … read more of Mining the Archives.

A New Approach to Revelation

Mining the Archives (“Mined” from the Urantia Book Fellowship’s Journal 1994) After many years of introducing both Christian laity and ministers to The Urantia Book, I am increasingly faced with the realization that one of the major obstacles preventing them from a serious examination of the book is its claim to revelatory status. Most people who … read more of A New Approach to Revelation.

Tribute to Ken Glasziou

Ken Glasziou, one of our great Urantia friends, recently passed away at the grand age of 90. He is survived by his wife Betty, children, and grandchildren. A long term student of the book, Ken was known internationally for his contribution to revelatory thought. He was a scientist by profession and brought his critical thinking … read more of Tribute to Ken Glasziou.

Being and Doing

That evening while teaching in the house, for it had begun to rain, Jesus talked at great length, dying to show the twelve what they must be, not what they must do. They knew only a religion that imposed the doing of certain things as the means of attaining righteousness—salvation. But Jesus would reiterate, “In … read more of Being and Doing.

On Worship

A talk at the ANZURA Readers Conference, Surfers Paradise 1998 (published in Innerface International  6.1.1999) The Urantia Book informs us that the quality of our worship is determined by the depth of our perception which, in turn, varies in proportion to the depth of our knowledge of God. It follows that our worship experience may … read more of On Worship.

1997 Sydney – Dare to be Godlike

(from Innerface International – Jan/Feb 1998) Report from the annual conference of ANZURA in Sydney 1997  The secret of survival is wrapped up in the supreme human desire to be Godlike and in the associated willingness to do and be any and all things essential to the final attainment of that overmastering desire. [Paper 110:3.2, … read more of 1997 Sydney – Dare to be Godlike.

‘Quantum’ Consciousness

Presentation at Sydney’s ANZURA  Conference, 1997 (From Innerface 4.6 – Nov/Dec 1997) Consciousness is important because its study has become the focal point for an interdisciplinary co-operation that is slowly undermining determinism and materialism in our society.  Hence the more we know about the basics of the evidence for and against the alternative philosophies, so … read more of ‘Quantum’ Consciousness.

On the Revelatory Status of The URANTIA Book

Some years ago I wrote an article for the Six-O-Six newsletter implying that the scientific content of The URANTIA Book may contain errors. This statement brought an impassioned response categorically denying that the book could contain error and stating that in no circumstances would the revelators lie to us. The inclusion of a science content … read more of On the Revelatory Status of The URANTIA Book.

What Jesus Did

ANZURA Conference presentation given at the Gold Coast, QLD (From 606 Newsletter – Nov/Dec 1993) (All emphases within quotes from The Urantia Book have been added.) Let’s start this quest for knowledge with first examining what Jesus was supposed to do, before we go on to consider what he actually did do, and how that … read more of What Jesus Did.

Science and The Urantia Book

Summary of Scientific and Historic Material that appears to have required access to certain Knowledge Presented at the South Pacific Regional Meeting of Readers of The URANTIA Book, (from Nov/Dec Six-O-Six 1988) The URANTIA Papers were received in 1934 and published in book form in 1955. There are many items of a scientific or historic … read more of Science and The Urantia Book.