A Moment of Opportunity

“What is man, that you are mindful of him?”

Large parts of the Urantia Papers are designed to coordinate our knowledge about more or less familiar things. They expand our understanding in a logical way. But the Papers also contain highlights of pure revelation. For mankind of today, perhaps the most interesting (and intimate) are the revelations about the nature and function of Thought Adjusters, a set of truths that finally explain and make sense of the phenomenon of man. How and why the Father dwells in us is the crucial truth, the conceptual link to motivate and integrate our world. Ignorance of this truth has allowed our cultures to head off on tangents, and repeatedly to spiral down to base evolutionary levels.

So what are the Adjusters, and what on earth are they up to? In Papers 107 – 112, the Revelators tell us everything we could possibly want or need to know about these fragments of the Universal Father. But their description only touches the surface of the experience of our adventure of living with, and becoming, such a being.

“The Adjuster is an absolute essence of an infinite being … ”
[Paper 107.0.6, page 1176:6]

As humans, we know too well our capacities and limitations. So when we read about the divinity, the origin and nature of our Thought Adjusters, we are staggered by the contrast between what we are, and what we are to be.

“Ultimately, surviving mortals achieve identity in a seven-dimensional universe.” [Paper 130:7.7, page 1439:5]

Is this from where our Adjuster comes—a seven dimensional reality? Then how can he take us home? How can we dwell in such a place? What aspect or feature of us is compatible with a Paradisiacal home in a seven dimensional domain?

“The type of personality bestowed upon Urantia mortals has a potentiality of seven dimensions of self-expression or person-realization.” [Paper 112:1.8, page 1226.13]

This is new. Identity in a “7D” universe? Seven dimensions of expression and realization? And we find Jesus himself talking about all this to a Mithraic priest in Carthage. What did that man make of what Jesus said?

Why did he not discuss such things with his apostles, those men charged with spreading the 4th epochal revelation? Such concept was then and still is beyond the full philosophic limit of any existing frame, yet here it is embedded, on behalf of Jesus, into the fifth epochal revelation, the substance of our new frame for thought…

Should we be upset or exhilarated when we find ourselves beyond the “full philosophic limit”? When reason has run out of puff, when wisdom has bumped into the very edges of its frame for thought, will we be willing to follow where truth leads?

“Faith most willingly carries reason along as far as reason can go and then goes on with wisdom to the full philosophic limit; and then it dares to launch out upon the limitless and never-ending universe journey in the sole company of TRUTH.” [Paper 103:9.7, page 1141:5]

When faith finds reason and wisdom wanting, what part of us remains to dare to launch onwards and beyond? All that’s left is our wilful personality, hungering and thirsting for… truth? Our personality, that part of our self the Adjuster seeks, that component of us destined to unfold like a seven dimensional butterfly. We are that moment when this magic happens, that moment of opportunity when the Universal Father attempts to zip together these two fragments of himself. Let’s launch out together in October, and see if we can discover what Jesus was talking about, to go deeper and discover more about what we are, and why, in a fifth epochal sense, our Father is mindful of us.

Article from Autumn Arena 2008

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