If He were Incarnate in our Shoes

An Invitation

If He were incarnate in our shoes…An opportunity we all share is to allow our Father to work through us, to allow that which we would do to be adjusted to become that which He would do, were He incarnate, and walking in our shoes.“Surely not!” we cry from the dreamscape of the 3rd and 4th psychic circles. But what if we make it to the 1st?

As implied by the Urantia papers and demonstrated by Jesus, maturing into ripe first-circlers is the intended outcome of human life. And once in the first circle, we are only a moment away from at-one-ment with our fragment of the Father. But this mysterious Monitor is as much of the absolute essence of the Father Infinite that can be squeezed into the sorts of shoes we wear. When we get our shoes into the first circle, the Father can really start to walk the walk we walk.

We become for Him a unique window into this world. Jesus showed us how to make the most of this opportunity. He became a personal and wilful reflection of his Adjuster’s desire. He sought first the kingdom of God, and all else followed.

Simply by following the lures of maturity raised up by the Monitor inside. The fifth epochal revelation helps us to amplify our response to the Adjuster within. Insight can help make our responses to our Father excellent as well as genuine. In our more lucid moments, surely we wonder about this most intimate experience, this unfolding phenomenon, this moment of opportunity.

Can we help each other to ponder such things? We hope our brief get-together in October will help to deepen our experience, brighten our insight, and awake our slumbering love to serve!

Please join us in October (17-20), as we explore our Father’s relationship with us, and our response to this opportunity to become one with Him.

Nigel Nunn, ACT