Era Before the Urantia Book

“You’ve read the script; now do the play!”

  • Why are there so many religions? All of them say the same thing – don’t steal, don’t kill and so on.
  • Why does God allow horrible things to happen?
  • Why is there evil in the world in the first place?
  • If religions contradict themselves which one is the
  • right one? How would we know?
  • What is life all about?
  • Does it have any meaning at all?
  • If I step on an ant is it because it was planned that way?
  • What is it that makes me act either way – good or bad?
  • And the last question: is there life after death?

So many questions.

As a teenager, I was interested in astronomy, I was crazy about it. I often looked at the night sky and wondered what’s really up there, and where it came from. Before falling asleep I had all these “conversations” with myself almost every night and the answer was “I guess I’ll never know.”

After coming to Australia, I became interested in spiritual matters. I read everything I could get my hands on. Because there is no proof, when it comes to believing or not believing, it’s really a personal choice.

Okay, then I believe! As I studied further into it, I discovered so many contractions! Again, I was faced with the choice: to believe or not to believe.

That’s life I guess.

Exploring beliefs of all sorts I noticed, that our behaviour is influenced by our beliefs, so we should choose them carefully.

Questions, questions, questions of all sorts. Fair or fair; expectations – disappointments, relationships and whatever that brings.

Oh, life is tough!

Why are some humans sincere while others are not? Why are we different? We have all life to answer these questions. The Urantia Book’s “mysterious” appearance and not so mysterious change of life

Conversation with a friend

Vicki: What do you think God is?

Regina: It must be something like air. It’s supposed to be everywhere. In a grain of sand, in a blade of grass and in all living creatures. I really don’t know. Not an old guy I think. That’s what organized religion says but others don’t agree. I suppose I don’t have any clear picture.

Vicky: Okay, here is a book for you. You can keep it for a while.

Regina: Oh… what a size! (the big one in leather cover) How many pages?! Wow! I guess I won’t be reading anything else for a while. Thanks!

I had the book for six months. When she took it back, I went to the shop and bought my own copy the same day. That’s how my Urantia Book adventure started. The rest is history and what a history! Am I grateful for the book? Grateful is not the word. It gives meaning to life, it makes a lot of sense, it is a life-saving book!

My habitual phrases were: “Life is so not fair!” and “The world is a horrible place.”

My first impression after reading the book was that God really exists. Nature is not God; nature is only concerned with reproduction. Angels are real. All morality and ethics are part of the development of the human being, it is necessary. Striving to be God-like is to change yourself through self-conquest, self-understanding and self-mastery. Everybody’s goal is self-mastery. The Urantia Book gives a lot of information on a personal level. And what about cosmology? Isn’t it great?

The Urantia Book expands the mind so much that I will never feel lonely again. The world is friendly, a place, where the lessons come in a form of situations we have to deal with immediately. Life is never boring that way.

My life changed so much that sometimes I don’t believe it. Family is the basic unit of civilization. A lot depends on the family. Being given that information my approach to problems at home changed drastically.

Trying it out, doing it is in. If anything is tried it has no chance to progress. Only with trying it until we do it, makes sense. Baby is encouraged to walk. Parents never give up. And the results are obvious.

We as a planet, had two misfortunes in the past: Rebellion and default. We are backward 2000 years and a little bit. Look at the last century. Can you imagine where would we be? I certainly cannot!

The family is a group of people with the same goal. Divorces are disasters for everybody. Parents and children. Revelation is a short cut to achieving a goal. It saves thousands and thousands of years of trial and error. We Urantia Book readers are family. A small plant of an English Box has a few leaves. Every year new leaves grow, which makes the bush bigger in all directions. On each year’s growth its progress depends. That’s how I see us as an organisation. I feel so privileged to be given the opportunity to read the book. At my work there is a definition of teamwork. Very often I stand there, look at it and read it.


Coming together is the beginning. Working together is progress. Staying together is success. It impressed me so much the first time in relation to a family situation. In the situation of the UB family, it is equally impressive as well. Our organisation is so important. The revelation is here to help. The choice is of course ours.

Urantia Book Family

We came together we made the beginning. We worked together and progressed together. Now let’s stay together and succeed. Each generation has its share in it.

…Life is but a day’s work—do it well. The act is ours; the consequences God’s. [Paper 48:7.13, Page 556.13]

I realized it in my life and it makes a huge difference. The second fragment that changed my life instantly was Jesus talking about the rich man taking care of his riches, neglecting his spiritual side and “that very night his soul was required……”

It fixed me on the spot! So I have to take care of everything at once? That’s tough! But I have only today to cope with it. I certainly try it. Oops there is no such thing as “trying” in this case. There is only doing it – living a day. Hey, here is another thing – tomorrow. And it is not promised to anybody as Anthony Robbins said. It looks like he is right. Right now I am experiencing an emotional roller-coaster. My friend is very sick. Difficult consider one day, okay the next. Again and again and again. That is his situation. Guess what’s mine? I have to live my life as nothing happened. I have to function as normal. I tell you that’s tough! But possible. Especially when you don’t have any choice.

In conclusion: If anybody asked me what’s the best thing in my life I would say the Urantia Book. It is the best friend you can have. A friend which teaches you how to include the whole world in your life – for it expands your mind so much that the whole world is a friendly place. The Urantia Book is only a book, life is life people say. It is only a book. But this book was given to an individual. I have it with me all the time. I can consult it anytime anyplace. It made me a better person, understanding, patient, tolerant – at least this is a degree of progress in comparison to who I used to be. To me, UB is about personal spiritual development done by you, on your own pace. the way you choose or just do. And of course we know it is the work of our Thought Adjuster. This book was given to our confused planet to show the way, to clarify matters and to help.