Conference Report – Moffat Beach, Qld 2002

The annual Urantia Book readers’ conference held at Dicky Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast from October 10 to 12 was enjoyed by many attendees. “Being and Doing According to The Urantia Book” was the theme and many an interesting discussion was held around this topic.

Queensland readers from the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast surrounds hosted the conference. On Saturday Ken Glasziou began by setting the atmosphere for the theme with an inspiring introductory presentation which was followed by Ann Bendall’s thought provoking presentation: “Doing God’s Will—A Process of Being” which stimulated much discussion.

Neil Francey then utilised an open discussion method to present his theme of “Do it with Faith—A Process of Doing” and bestowed rewards upon those who were able to guess the answers to some of his really curly questions. David Cook also stimulated much discussion after his presentation on “The Dominion of the Spirit,” and Clarry Neal wound up the first day’s presentations with an inspiring talk on “What Promises doe we have?” where he shared some interesting personal experiences to illustrate his points.

Sunday began with a singing and worship session conducted by David Cook, and David Shannon lead us all down to a beautiful outdoor chapel in a rainforest setting where he presented his heart felt talk on “Where are the Limits?” Donna Church wound up the presentations in the outdoor chapel with her grand finale on “Being and Doing within the Context of the Family” where she drew from the many examples found in the life of Jesus. The conference ended with a lively discussion on the family in the context of the Urantia teachings and their relevance in today’s world.

Much socialising and singing was enjoyed throughout the conference and our thanks go to the conference organisers for making this event possible. Next year’s conference will be held in Melbourne and will be hosted by readers from the Melbourne study group. Stay tuned for more information.

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