No-Hassle Zone

Imagine a circle. Inside the circle is the “no-hassle zone.” If you think and do the same as everyone else here, you will be confused, but no one will hassle you. If you move out of this zone and start to think and act differently, the people inside the zone, mainly your friends and relations will say, “Why are you acting and thinking differently? Come back here with us. I told you reading that book would make you a little strange.”

Let’s take this zone back 2000 years to Palestine. Where was Jesus? He started off in this no-hassle zone as a small child, but the older and more conscious he became the further he moved away from the zone to a point where his family and friends thought he had taken leave of his senses. To the Pharisees and Sadducees he became a threat. They controlled the no-hassle zone and did not like the changes that Jesus proclaimed.

Where was Jesus just before he was crucified? Standing on the threshold of the era of light and life perhaps?

The agenda of the no-hassle zone was the three Ms—money and manipulation of the masses. The agenda of the era of light and life is: the love of God and mankind, by living the will of God.

Now let’s come forward to the present. I suggest the agenda of the no-hassle zone hasn’t changed very much. Let’s call the no-hassle zone our planet and imagine rings around it. These rings symbolise evolution because we are told no matter how long it takes, people on our planet will eventually enter the era of light and life. Where it takes a long time for mass consciousness to evolve, as individuals we are less restricted. Leaving the no-hassle zone is like leaving the planet. A lot of dynamic energy is needed to break free from the gravitational pull of our planet, but once you break free it gets easier and easier. The further you go the more you get to experience that cosmic poise. You become a lot less confused particularly when looking at your life and the events happening around you, because instead of using the small frame of reference—the one with 3 MMMs—you start to use the big one, the one with the love of God and your fellow man.

Sitting here now it is impossible to estimate how far we could go in this lifetime and how wonderful the experience would be. It seems we have everything to gain and nothing to lose. With a scenario like that who could refuse.