Surfing the Absonite

To finite creatures of the grand universe the concept of the master universe seems to be well-nigh infinite, but doubtless the absonite architects thereof perceive its relatedness to future and unimagined developments within the unending I AM. Even space itself is but an ultimate condition, a condition of qualification within the relative absoluteness of the quiet zones of midspace.
At the inconceivably distant future eternity moment of the final completion of the entire master universe, no doubt we will all look back upon its
entire history as only the beginning, simply the creation of certain finite and transcendental foundations for even greater and more enthralling
metamorphoses in uncharted infinity. At such a future eternity moment the master universe will still seem youthful; indeed, it will be always young in
the face of the limitless possibilities of never-ending eternity.” [Paper 106:7.7 page 1169.6]

We have been discussing the raising of an epic backdrop for the stage upon which Urantia’s fifth epoch will unfold. We have predicted humanity’s acquirement
of (1) a new perspective onto the frame within which we young ascenders live and work, and (2) a deeper understanding of the domain of our Michael.
Now let’s take another step back, and reflect upon the frame within which this Michael himself works—the context within which a Creator Son, a master Michael, perfects his local universe:

“The Universal Father, through the mechanism of evolutionary Deity, is actually engaged in the stupendous and amazing act of personality
focalization and power mobilization, on their respective universe meaning-levels, of the divine reality values of the finite, the absonite, and even of the absolute. ”[Paper 0:9.3, page 13.1]

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