The Lanonandek Dilemma

The Lanonandeks of Nebadon are part of Michael’s innovative solution to a common local universe problem: how best to manage those first crucial steps his ascendant mortal children must take as they launch towards their finaliter destiny? Michael’s elder Melchizedek and Vorondadek sons form an ideal team for maintaining the integrity of Nebadon, but not … read more of The Lanonandek Dilemma.

Personality in Transition— the individual blossoms

The Urantia Papers describe themselves as the fifth epochal revelation of truth to this world; the aim of this short presentation is to shine the light of this fifth epochal insight upon what the Urantia Papers call “Personality” Almost 3,000 years ago a poet in Palestine whispered to his God: “What is man, that you … read more of Personality in Transition— the individual blossoms.

The Rewards of Isolation – some Musings

Readers will recall that the technique of isolation, separate development, and re-combination is extensively used in the evolutionary process. The grand universe itself is divided into the seven superuniverses, each of which is kept so isolated from the others that not even a message can be transmitted from one to another except through the Paradise … read more of The Rewards of Isolation – some Musings.

From Eden to Edentia and Beyond

Introduction to Canberra Conference As mortals, our ascension career involves being shifted a number of times into larger and more complex universe frames. These changes are part of Michael’s technique to evolve us from mortal to finaliter. An extreme example of this shifting and expansion of frame, was endured by Michael in his last few … read more of From Eden to Edentia and Beyond.

Mind – and the making of Finaliters

 With eternity and energy available, and Havona in place, the Universal Father revealed the idea of finaliters, beings that would start with nothing, earn everything, then help shape the landscape of eternity. The Eternal Son said, “Let it be!”; the Infinite Spirit said, “Watch this!” What happened next depends upon one’s point of view: the … read more of Mind – and the making of Finaliters.

Surfing the Absonite

To finite creatures of the grand universe the concept of the master universe seems to be well-nigh infinite, but doubtless the absonite architects thereof perceive its relatedness to future and unimagined developments within the unending I AM. Even space itself is but an ultimate condition, a condition of qualification within the relative absoluteness of the … read more of Surfing the Absonite.

Introducing the Theme

If any celestial passers-by were to look in upon us this morning, what would they see? As individuals, we are an unspectacular lot. As a group, we have no real claim to fame. In fact, we are remarkably average, and surprisingly normal. So what might catch the interest of those who may be watching? Those … read more of Introducing the Theme.