Making Truth Accessible

What is it that makes something feel true?  In our “mind arena of choice”, when we choose to believe that something is true, what’s really going on? Let’s discount the gullible (who fall for whatever they’re told) and think instead about the best of our scientists and philosophers, the most inspiring of our poets and … read more of Making Truth Accessible.

More Things in Heaven and Earth

A few years back, the TV station SBS would often take a moment, between programs, to remind us of  something. A deep, raspy voice would simply say: The world is an amazing place…. Indeed it is. And the more we learn about the world, the more amazing it becomes. In every field, researchers find that … read more of More Things in Heaven and Earth.

What’s Love got to do with it – Part 3

ANZURA’s presentation of The Urantia Book at the Parliament of the World’s Religions December 3–9, Melbourne, Australia 2009 Hi, my name is Nigel Nunn. My background is mathematics and astrophysics. I study how stars collapse and the shape of space & time. So what am I doing at a parliament of religions, talking about Love? … read more of What’s Love got to do with it – Part 3.

Finding ~ and Framing ~ Truth

How does the modern sophisticated soul deal with truth, let alone revelations about truth? In the following article we try to frame the question, to illustrate the problem, and to see where students of the Urantia Papers may fit in. Twenty eight years ago Carl Sagan’s TV series “Cosmos” was first shown. The content is … read more of Finding ~ and Framing ~ Truth.

Too Deep for Words

What two things are Thought Adjusters famous for? The idea behind our theme, “A Moment of Opportunity”, is two sided. Not only is this brief life our moment of opportunity to engage our Thought Adjuster, it also becomes a moment of opportunity for the First Source and Center to become Father of something absolutely unique: … read more of Too Deep for Words.

A Moment of Opportunity

“What is man, that you are mindful of him?” Large parts of the Urantia Papers are designed to coordinate our knowledge about more or less familiar things. They expand our understanding in a logical way. But the Papers also contain highlights of pure revelation. For mankind of today, perhaps the most interesting (and intimate) are … read more of A Moment of Opportunity.

If He were Incarnate in our Shoes

An Invitation If He were incarnate in our shoes…An opportunity we all share is to allow our Father to work through us, to allow that which we would do to be adjusted to become that which He would do, were He incarnate, and walking in our shoes.“Surely not!” we cry from the dreamscape of the … read more of If He were Incarnate in our Shoes.

The Lanonandek Dilemma

The Lanonandeks of Nebadon are part of Michael’s innovative solution to a common local universe problem: how best to manage those first crucial steps his ascendant mortal children must take as they launch towards their finaliter destiny? Michael’s elder Melchizedek and Vorondadek sons form an ideal team for maintaining the integrity of Nebadon, but not … read more of The Lanonandek Dilemma.

Personality in Transition— the individual blossoms

The Urantia Papers describe themselves as the fifth epochal revelation of truth to this world; the aim of this short presentation is to shine the light of this fifth epochal insight upon what the Urantia Papers call “Personality” Almost 3,000 years ago a poet in Palestine whispered to his God: “What is man, that you … read more of Personality in Transition— the individual blossoms.