For Reasons Right and Wrong

The publication being considered is The Urantia Book, first published in 1955 by the Urantia Foundation in Chicago, USA. Attention is given to the role of the revelators and the people involved in the receipt of the Papers. This analysis also intends to show the book is a genuine revelation to mankind, notwithstanding its detractors and its perilous though prevailing journey.

Some people who knew about the writings may not have realized the significance of their content. So thirty possible misconceptions about the Papers are listed. However such misplaced notions may have supported rather than prevented the eventual publication. Then revelatory concepts in the book are listed. In a final section, the influence of the teachings of Jesus in the world today is considered.

We are thankful to those wise and farsighted people who were dedicated to the secure custody and eventual publication of the Urantia Papers. Opposition still comes from many quarters: Non-religionists, those who might want to persecute Christians, religionists who feel threatened by a new text, and official types of agencies that fear losing control of the public mind set.

For varying reasons discussed in this article, the opponents even to this day, are not succeeding. So those who thought the text might support their self-interests, or the revelation might only be a benign influence in the world, must now concede the revelation is progressing globally.

This is true because the content of The Urantia Book does have that capacity to generate spiritual momentum. It is inspiring individuals who in turn can transform society for the betterment of people, and to the detriment of any unfair authority which denies God and the true purpose of the life of Jesus.

The revelation speaks of a religion of personal liberty of the spirit, and the individual’s direct relationship with a personal God. Be alert to any misuse. I trust that this at times satirical article, will assist in clarifying some of the major associated concepts, corrects misrepresentations, and validate the fact that The Urantia Book is a work beyond the capacity of the mortal mind.

© N R Francey 2021

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