Korean Readers’ Conference

Theme: Spirit, Heart and Soul

20 August 2023 at 10.00am

There is a substantial number of Urantia Book readers in Korea who have been studying the Korean translation for many years. As they are our closest neighbour of readers in the Asia region, we wanted to share with you their latest news about an upcoming conference. This is the second conference held by Korea Urantia Forum (UKF) and will be held 20 August 2023 at the Lotte Tower Sky 31 Auditorium Forum (the tallest building in Seoul Korea) It overlooks the panorama of Seoul and the Han River.

We wish them a very successful conference and pray it will help students deepen their an understanding of Urantia Book’s principles and values in the hope of spreading the revelation in their country.

Here is what is planned:

  1. Opening Ceremony, including a video welcome by Pato Banton
  2. Spirit, Heart and Soul (Conference Theme), presented by Vella Aram Lee
  3. Spiritual Search, Pursuit and its Experience and Contemplation, by Asha Jung Hee Lee
  4. Jesus’ life after his resurrection and comparison to his childhood experience, by Mahan
  5. Origins of Personality and Love, by Uro
  6. Human Knowledge and Evolution
  7. Progression of Human Knowledge and Evolution towards Spiritualization attainment, by Yupa Si Hyun
  8. Man and Woman, how they meet, focusing on marriage and family, by Mullya
  9. The last segment will be a presentation and feedback/discussion session with the presenters and attendees. This is a new concept for their Korean culture and the goal is to advance group wisdom via participation. The vision is to establish The Urantia Book in Korean culture of over 5000 years; with a population of 50 million who underwent numerous strife and wars and has the largest population of Catholics and Christians in Northeastern Asia.

Conference website: https://urantiaforum.modoo.at/ (the site can be translated into English)