Feelings Too Deep for Words

(This is a presentation given by Rita at the 2022 Tasmanian conference)

While preparing for this, I first and foremost really needed to look at the world today and its inhabitants and found myself observing and reflecting, changing ideas constantly. What were those most important points to share today – but in the end one makes a lot of compromises…

As far as the sad state of world affairs is concerned, nothing much relating to us humans have really changed. Things should actually be much more improved considering the Divine Adjusters have been able to flock to this sphere on account of the Spirit of Truth ‘being poured out upon all flesh’ and residing within all mortal minds for 2000 years.

The question I asked myself over and over again is how do people – how do we – get to that point where we receive a divine invasion resulting in an experience ‘so sublime’ that it is too deep for words?

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