Urantia Book Presentation

Adelaide Body, Mind & Physic Expo

The Adelaide Mind, Body & Physic Expo was held May 28 – 29, 2022 and we decided to book a booth to display The Urantia Book. This was a new adventure for me; I had been doing Urantia Book stall promotions at my local markets for several years and met with very limited success—of late the response was poor. Very few souls were brave enough to have a look at the book, and most that glanced as they walked past where more like startled bunny rabbits and would scamper away if I dared to say hi. So, after abandoning those efforts, I decided that I needed to find a different barrel with more hungry fish.

That’s when I investigated the mind, body, psychic or spirit types of fairs and expos. After finding one here in Adelaide I booked a booth and started getting organised for it. At first, I was not sure if it would even happen as we were still dealing with Covid restrictions but finally it come off and we attended the event. As it ran over two days, I felt that I could not do it by myself, so I called for assistance. Regina Williamson and Beavan James from Melbourne were kind enough to offer their assistance and I eagerly accepted.

We managed a 3 x 2 metre stall with a table displaying Urantia Books, information brochures and the two Urantia Press secondary works books, The Untold Story Jesus, and The Parables of Jesus. We also pinned a few posters around the walls with the main one on the back wall of the beautiful Master Universe Map, created by Gary Tonge (thank you Gary). This poster was a great attraction; people marvelled at the colours and grandeur, and it served as a great introduction to the cosmic family—our celestial brethren—and how they have reached out to us through The Urantia Book and told us about our place in the universe and our destination, should we choose.

A standout for me was how some people actually had the book but had not read it or had read it once and put it down. Upon seeing our stall, they would comment “I must read it again” or words to that effect.

We all felt it was a very successful exposition and there were many interested souls who came, looked, and talked. Some took brochures, some browsed, and a few brave ones even bought a book!

Our location in the expo was amidst dozens of New Age stalls such as Tarro card readers, crystal ball gazers, masseuses, Reiki practitioners etc. We were not near the front entrance, but one person told us that after entering the expo and glancing at a few stalls as he walked down a couple of isles, ours was the first one he actually approached—and he promptly bought the book!

We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed talking about our favourite book and the subjects it contained. I girded myself with an attitude of “take no prisoners” and decided not to hold back but rather be honest and forthright in my answers and conversations about this marvellous revelation of truth. It was great to be amongst other open-minded truth-seekers. Regina and Bevan were great company, and we enjoyed a social meal after the event. We took contact details and will follow up with those that wanted more information.

I will be attending another four-hour event on the 14th of August in Blackwood, Adelaide.

The Urantia Book Promotion Spiel at Expo

This is a summary of how I introduced people to The Urantia Book at the Expo.

“Urantia” is the name that has been given to our planet by beings not of this world. Call them angels, aliens, spirits or whatever you like; I like to think of them as my celestial family.

The bad news is that the Cosmos is not full of, as our movies, stories and fantastic imaginations would have us believe, Monsters.

The Cosmos is a friendly place full of life; it is reaching out to us with love and hopes that we will reach back. They (our celestial family) have sought to contact us in a way that does not alarm us, create elitists, or single out certain governments, organisations, religions, or countries. They are doing it in a slow and methodical way, one person at a time, via this book—The Urantia Book—which is what I am doing now as I introduce you to it.

The Urantia Book has four parts:

Part One is about the Central and Superuniverses (refer to Master Universe Map). They explain its creation and our location in it as well as our relationship to Creation, the Creator, and to each other.

Part Two is about our Local Universe, its creation, and our location in it.

Part Three is about our planet, its creation and how life came to be on the planet and how it was allowed to evolve.

Part Four is about the Creator of our local universe, his life, and the role he played on our planet as Jesus, detailing his birth, childhood, family, and mission on our planet. It also reinstates the conclusion of his work and his ascension and return to the Father.

Would you like to know more?


The Master Universe Map – Gary Tonge
The Urantia Book – Urantia Foundation