Reflections of Body, Mind and Psychic Expo

First my feelings of anticipation: It’s this weekend! I am excited about the whole thing: travel and expo on Saturday and Sunday, a totally new adventure for me. And what will we be doing there? We, meaning Phillip, the project manager, and Bevan and myself as assistants. We will be presenting God’s revelation to the world by sowing seeds!! We will be promoting the Father’s business and spreading the good news of Jesus’ gospel. Thank you, Phillip, for giving us this opportunity.

Apart from all the above coming true, we also socialised with our Urantia friends and family members. I felt privileged to get to know Colleen, Phillip’s wife and had a wonderful time in their “castle”. I loved it. Thank you, Colleen and Phillip, for your hospitality.

The venue of the Expo was huge. Despite the cold weather the atmosphere was great. The first day Saturday was our training day—getting to know our neighbourly stall holders, other participants, checking out the food stalls and feeling the atmosphere. Our neighbours were friendly, many smiling visitors stopped, asked lots of questions and took information brochures away with them as well as some “spiritual vitamins” (little rolled up bits of paper with Urantia Book quotes inside). It was truly a pleasure to introduce The Urantia Book to anyone who had questions and to do the work you love doing best—i.e., talking about the Urantia revelation!

The second day, Sunday, was sunny and many more people showed up. Most inquirers were young people in their twenties or thirties. We sold four books and handed out lots of leaflets. We also took contact numbers and emails—yes, Sunday was a very happy day.

We concluded that expos like this are a great idea, and we should certainly do more of them in the years to come. We used all the tools we had available, but I think the large Untold Story of Jesus book was a magnet. Jesus and cosmology? Something new to whet truth-seeker appetites. Overall, it was a great experience for us to “be about Jesus’ and the Father’s business”.