The Shroud of Turin and The Urantia Book

Does the Revelation uncover the truth?

Details of the death of Jesus, the discovery of the empty tomb, and many subsequent events, are woven through various Urantia Papers.

The research in this paper is based on the burial cloths. A fuller picture is constructed from cross-referencing known data, and revelatory data from The Urantia Book. Will the information provided in the Urantia Papers uncover additional truth of the Shroud of Turin? Or the face cloth known as the Sudarium of Oviedo? Is new evidence for each of these now revealed in the Urantia Papers?

Firstly, evaluation is made of sequential quotations in the Papers regarding the events leading up to the crucifixion and details of the burial in the tomb.

Secondly, the time from the tomb to the first historical records for the Shroud and the Sudarium is explored within the context of information provided in The Urantia Book, and coordinated with records in historical documents.

On site calculation of distances, and the location of the tomb as described in the book, were applied in this work. Some additional historical information was researched from all of the libraries in Jerusalem.

The revelation does not exclude the possibility that the Shroud is authentic.

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First published in July 2015. Revised version published in July 2021